Wild Sugar Patisserie & Cafe, Viman Nagar, Pune

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team with Chef/Owner – Ajay Ahuja

Restaurant Name:
Wild Sugar Patisserie & Café
Location: Row House 7, Clover Corner, Opp. Udaan Biodiversity Park, Konark Nagar Road, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014.
Buzz: +91-204124 2888
Contact Person(s): Ajay Ahuja / Darshan Bhattad

Wild Sugar Desserts Counter

Viman Nagar is not far behind Koregaon Park in terms of the growing numbers of eateries. Wild Sugar Patisserie & Café is a recent entrant to the ever-increasing line up. Ajay Ahuja who has previously worked with Theobroma along with Darshan Bhattad run this place. Ajay is also the Chef in Charge.


Food Prowl Team was invited for a food tasting and as we reached the café, the pastries and cakes at the counter looked like artwork, totally drool provoking. But desserts had to wait as the savory menu looked equally tempting and we had to try many things.

01 arancini

We grabbed an outdoor table and the food started flowing. We started with Arancini Balls a crunchy outer layer enveloping a soft rice ball with zucchini and other vegetables, mildly spiced with Italian herbs and served with salsa, the crispy and soft textures make Arancini an interesting appetizer.

05 tempura chicken

Next up was a chicken appetizer, rolled in the crunchiest batter of all – Tempura. Tempura Chicken had long strips of Chicken coated in a Tempura batter with a twist added by the chef and served with mayo based dip, the crunch on few strips had gone down a bit probably because they were out for sometime before we consumed them.

07 wings

Continuing the protein train, next were the BBQ Chicken Wings; sauce is in house recipe and different one. Initial notes were more towards sweetness and the peppery flavors hit at the end and were dominant in after taste and I enjoyed that part, chicken was cooked to the T.

From the appetizers, we moved to salads, and the 2 salads we tried were very good.

08 salad

Apple Pear & Walnut Salad with Mascarpone Cheese, a very refreshing and energizing combination of fruits nuts and cheese flavoured with balsamic reduction it was a winner.

09 koshimbhir

Koshambhir Salad with Brown Rice is unusual. It had thinly sliced onion, carrot, beetroot, sprouts and methi leaves. This is more of North Karnataka Koshambhir. The Brown Rice was done perfectly al dante to give every grain a distinct bite. The flavors were simple as chef has followed the traditional recipe.

11a mutton egg ciazza

As the chef loves experimenting next round had his take on a pizza done with fresh baked Ciabatta bread. A very soft and fully bread loaf, we tried Spicy Mutton with Egg & Cheddar Ciazza this one was best thing we had until this point, total winner Mutton Kheema layer on top of the bread cheese and a perfect half fry egg, with runny yolk, all the flavors together just tasted mesmerizing.

10 tomato basil ciazza

Paneer Tikka Kulcha that had a very interesting Masala Kulcha along with Paneer Tikka and onions in mint chutney. Very Indian flavors yet the Paneer was different as Kulchas are served with Chole Up North, overall a nice combination.

13 chicken panini

Harissa Chicken & Egg Panini had boiled Eggs and Chicken done in a spicy sauce.

16 Spaghetti

Pastas were up next as final savory course and both Three Cheese Pasta and Spaghetti Meat Balls were fantastic, very very well made. The meat balls just had the right level of coarseness to tender the perfect bite and pleasant flavor. Three Cheese Pasta was obviously loaded with cheese over penne. Spectacular pastas!!

17a Bavarian Mousse

Done with food we quickly went to choose desserts we wanted. We wanted all but still controlled the gluttony. We set our eyes first on the winter special – White Chocolate Bavarian Mousse, looked stunning tasted equally delish, refer the pick and you won’t need any words on it.

21 Parfait

Orange Chocolate Parfait was my next favorite of all we had a dark chocolate bar with a citrusy center, Yum! Yum!.

20a Paris Brest

Paris Brest had a wonderful choux pastry filled with hazelnut flavored cream, the flavor was delicate for my taste buds but then everything cannot be very sweet.

18a Red Velvet

Red Velvet Cake was also good, a bit moister and it will be stellar, cream cheese was used generously and stood out for good.

Breakfast Menu

Wild Sugar Patisserie & Café has a very impressive menu. They also serve Breakfast on weekends and some of the Food Prowlers did try and was yet another fantastic experience.

00 seating

Lastly I cannot sign off without mentioning the special coffee blend they serve, I am an Espresso junkie and I downed 4 with my meal, stayed awake till morning but it was totally worth it.

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