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Food Prowl Team

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More and more people are getting conscious of what they eat, those who eat out regularly need to amend their meals to ensure they eat right. It becomes a daunting task to eat within your Macros and Calories throughout the day and still feel satiated. Fedora Fernandes at Vigour Kart has found a great solution for it. She makes healthy meals that can be consumed anytime of the day – Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner and a serving does not only make one very full but also pleases the taste buds. Sounds tempting, then read on.

Food Prowl Team was invited for a food tasting. Special Thanks to Pomelo Social for inviting us and Fedora Fernandes for hosting us.

03 Smoothie

Vigour Kart has a simple menu of Smoothies, Chia Puddings, Chocolates, Desserts and Ice Creams. All of these made with high quality ingredients sourced from down south to deliver the best. Aren’t all these dishes usually are full of carbs and fats right? Then how are they healthy? Here’s the answer – It’s mostly Almond and Coconut Milk as a base instead of milk and dairy products. There is no sugar in the kitchen. Most dishes are completely sweetener free some and raw jaggery or organic honey are used in very small quantities. Fedora makes her own almond and peanut butter keeping the health quotient intact. Therefore all products are Gluten, Sugar and Dairy free. Many of them are Vegan as well. Next best thing is you can mention your preferences and she can adjust her recipe for your portion accordingly. Everything is prepared fresh as per the order and customization is never a hassle. All this is delivered to your door step across Pune too!.

04 Smoothie

Oats Raisin Smoothie and Vanilla Fruit Load Pudding, both come in a 500 ml serving having very good flavors. Almond Milk in the smoothie was very thick and the Oats as well as Raisins lent it the required sweetness.

05 Pudding

Pudding had Chia Seeds in Coconut Milk with a hint of honey and loaded with fruits. If anyone has a full bowl of either of these they might not eat anything for a few hours. There are other flavors available as well – Cocoa, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate and more.

06 Butter

We also tried homemade Almond Butter that was also health focused, not salty but sweetish butter. Vigour Kart has these available in 4 flavors – Dark Chocolate, Cocoa and White Chocolate for kids. Almond Butter is more beneficial than peanut butter and can be consumed in limited quantity daily for health benefits.

01 Brownie

Never thought this could also have a healthy version but Vigour Kart also has Brownies. Flourless, Sugarless and Dairy free Brownies.

02 Brownie

They are made with Dates and Chocolate, the texture is absolutely gooey. The flavor is not exactly like a regular Brownie, but these are equally good in their own way. Priced at Rs.250 for 4 pieces, it’s a must have in your fridge for those after meal sweet cravings.

07 IC

Lastly we have another unexpected healthy variation of Ice Cream. Though texture is quite different to the regular ice cream as its dairy free and is not churned, its more like the homemade Ice Cream. Still it was a very good option considering its ingredients. There are 6 flavors of Ice Cream priced at Rs.250 for 250ml.


Overall if you want to have a meal with the correct ingredients and low carbs you must try out the Vigour Kart products. They also offer weekly and monthly packages on discounted rates.

Vigour Kart products are only available through Home Delivery. There’s no Dine In available.

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