Tiranga Nonveg House, Kothrud, Pune

Tiranga Nonveg House

Restaurant Name: Tiranga Nonveg House
Pitambar Heights, Paud Phata Road, Near Paud Phata Fly Over, Kothrud, Pune.
Contact Person(s):
Sanket Admane (Owner)


If you have been a non-vegetarian food lover staying in Pune, it’s highly unlikely you wouldn’t have heard of Tiranga  Nonveg House yet. It has been a landmark of sorts on Pune’s F&B map.

Food Prowl Team edited

The Food Prowl Team was recently invited to Tiranga  Nonveg House for a food tasting. Our host was Sanket Admane, Owner of Tiranga  Nonveg House. Sanket is an alumnus of IHM-A.

Tiranga  Nonveg House has been popular for its Biryani since long but they also have a full-fledged menu with Maharashtrian delicacies.

Their food’s USP is use of local masalas, it makes food more hot than being spicy. Our taste buds could enjoy the flavors without feeling any need for a drink to pacify the spiciness.  Tiranga  Nonveg House is not a gourmet or fine dine, it is place that boasts on patronage of decades.


We had Chicken Sukka to start the meal, rich dark goda masala based base enveloping chicken pieces, it was pack with flavors and cooked for the right duration.



Main course included Mutton Fry Masala and Bheja Masala along with Bhakri. Bheja also had a thick dark masala like the chicken starter is tad overpowering the Bheja. Good flavors but a little less masala would make the dish perfect.


The Mutton in the curry was cooked perfectly soft, the consistency of the curry was also right with apt flavors. Mutton Alani was one of the best dishes from the mains, balanced flavors, soft mutton and appropriate texture of the curry.

IMG_3149The signature Tiranga Biryani which is not an Awadhi or Hyderabadi style Biryani and not even a typical Dum biryani. Tiranga  Nonveg House has a very different style of biryani that I believe is not served by anyone else in Pune.


It has tawa masala style mutton or chicken at the base of the bowl topped with plain and colored rice that does not have much flavor like other biryanis and then there is a spicy flavorful curry/rassa served as a side. One needs to mix everything well to blend in the flavors from the meat at the bottom and ones from the curry served alongside or else it won’t feel like a complete dish. You can also squeeze generous amounts of lemon juice on it to add the sour dimension.


It might not be like the royally cooked biryanis available at few places in Pune, yet it has its very own identity and for those who like this style of biryani it is preferred over the other biryanis around. No doubt they are known for their biryani as it is unique.


Anjir and Pista Kulfi was ordered to end the meal on sweet note, and it was as expected.

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