A Hidden Gem : Tien, Model Colony, Pune


FoodView: Tien
Address: 1, Rajas Garden, Near MSIHMCT, Opposite Hanuman Mandir, Model Colony, Pune
Contact Person(s): Mr. Suchit
Cuisine: Italian, Japanese, Continental
Visit Date: 23/11/2015 Time: 2:30 PM
Reviewed By: Varun Khanna

A gem hidden in a by lanes of Model Colony. This place is sure to deliver satisfied taste buds and all other senses through its food.

Personally I like places that are have enough to experiment, those who don’t take the safe path and keep playing with flavors and their menus.

This is buy tramadol one such places, they are unapologetic-ally unauthentic and calorie conscious one at that. Suchit, the co-owner of Tien dashes in the kitchen when something particular is ordered and requires his attention.

Everything we ordered was full of flavors and came with a twist that elevated the dish overall.

The Belgian Ham Stuffed Omelette came with Gherkins, a Pesto flavored Potato Mash that tasted brilliant, Tomato Salsa to add to the flavor and corn on the cob, a Prefect breakfast option.

Citrus Grilled Chicken Skewers had simple Orange and Lemon flavors and the Greek style Labneh Dip with Paprika added completed the flavor Ying Yang.

Next we had the Grilled Salmon that had phentermine 37.5 a nice textured Pesto Crust, served in bed of Couscous, Grilled Veggies and Gnocchi on the side. It was served medium grilled and perfectly moist and pink to the very core as I had requested.


Desserts we had a Chocolate Mousse that was not light and fluffy as the regular ones but it was really dense like Gelato. It had intense modvigil Dark Chocolate flavor that lasted for hours. A sinful option that is must try. they can probably name it something else than the mousse, it will take any preconceived expectation some people might have.


Pannacotta that was very light and had mild flavors of lemon grass and coconut cream. This mildness was beautifully complemented and balanced by mint pineapple compote and a vinaigrette reduction.

Tien is recommend to all foodies, who would like to try new dishes and flavors.

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