The Pasta House, Bibvewadi, Pune

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team

Home Chef:
The Pasta House
Location: Bibvewadi
Buzz: +91 9860765653
Contact Person: Ms. Ekta Ramesh Katti (Owner)
Visit Date: 22nd May 2016


The Pasta House – Pasta with a Twist

Pastas off late have become an integral part of the menu in many popular restaurants of Pune. The Pasta House however, a brainchild of Home Chef Ms. Ekta Ramesh Katti is run from her home and delivered in Bibvewadi and nearby areas.

We were invited by Ekta to try the various Pastas served by The Pasta House and share our views about it.  She has developed her recipes to suit the Indian palate and that will be appreciated by majority of foodies. The choice of spices and ingredients used is quite appealing.

The pricing is reasonable and all Pastas cost between Rs.150 – 200. The pastas are delivered with extra sauce on the side so you can adjust it as you like.


Our meal started with the Pasta Salad a simple preparation with wheat penne pasta mixed with peppers, carrots, apples, olive oil and 2 basic herbs. It seemed too simple to be delicious, but it was every bit of was fresh and soothing, we all were delighted by this one.


Cheese Garlic Bread was served next, the bread is procured from a renowned bakery and was loaded with herbed garlic butter and a layer of melted cheese topped with generous amount of coriander, again simple yet very flavorsome.


The first pasta served – The Pasta House Special is aptly named. I have never had pasta till date that had Hummus as its sauce base, yes its right it was Hummus and Cream pasta. A very unique and absolutely creamy pasta that was every bit tasty. The hummus is homemade; Rotini pasta was cooked al dante, right amount of veggies and enough sauce to make it a lick-able plate in the end. Also it had some desi spices to add the extra flavor, very smartly used. I can eat this one in back to back meals. You can also choose a different sauce part instead of cream it be from any other 3 options they have.


Second pasta was a contrast one in terms of looks and flavors but rightly on the same side of the graph. The Pesto Penne Pasta, a basil and walnut sauce with hint of garlic thick paste like consistency of sauce nicely enveloping the pasta. The walnut was also added as a topping and its granules gave a very good bite to it. Very fresh and delectable, actually all sauces are prepared fresh and nothing stock is used in any of the preparations.


Apart from Pastas, Sandwiches are also available on the menu. We tried the Classic Corugreek Sandwich having a filling of cream, corn and fenugreek grilled nicely and served with potato wafers mixed with special spice rub.


In desserts we had Zeppole an Italian fired dessert done in shape of bow, dusted with caster sugar and cinnamon. Very delicate flaky and soothing texture and mildly sweet, a dipping sauce would add a nice element to it.


Then came the show stopper, a Vegan eggless healthy Upside Down Banana Oats Walnut Cake, fresh out of the oven it was hot when served. This was a magical preparation, no butter used, so fluffy and bits of walnut and slices of banana giving very distinguished flavor to it. This is highly recommended.

Enjoy a pasta home delivered, with a flavor everyone at home will like equally.  You only need to order few hours in advance as everything is prepared fresh. Definitely The Pasta House will satiate the taste buds of every Pasta lover.

The Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team

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