The Flour Works, Kondhwa, Pune

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Restaurant Name: The Flour Works
Location: 7/6B, 21, Plot 57, Rajmudra Apartments, Kondhwa Khurd, Kondhwa, Pune.
Buzz: +91-20-30189932


The Flour Works has been a well-established and reputed restaurant in Kalyani Nagar.  Recently they opened their second branch just off Salukhe Vihar Road.


Food Prowl Team was invited for a food tasting to try out their European and American Cuisine focused menu.


The Flour Works is open from 7:00 AM till Midnight, so if you have any odd hour cravings their doors are open 17 hours a day.

The new outlet looks impressive, with both casual outdoor and bistro like indoor seating and with a working desk in the balcony for those who want to have a meal while they work. Also, they are not just a restaurant but have elements of a Boulangerie and Patisserie as well, so after having a good meal do not forget to pick up freshly baked Breads, Lavash and Sponge Loafs.

02. Stir Fry Chicken

01. Stir Fry Chicken

It was a rainy day and we started our meal with an assortment of appetizers, Stir Fried Chicken with Balsamic Glaze which had thin strips of chicken tossed in sweet and sour/acidic sauce along with bell peppers and onions, the flavors very mature and textures just right resulting in a wholesome dish, served with garlic bread.

05. Wings

04. Wings

Boneless Buffalo Wings were a take on the famous American Buffalo Wings, best part being they are boneless for the ease of eating and the sauce was not overtly hot but has tinge of sourness as well, balancing the flavors well. We devoured these starters in a jiffy.

03. Tartlets

From Vegetarian menu we tried Spinach and Goat Cheese Tartlets, these were crisp tartlets with the sublime flavors of both the ingredients, nothing adulterating the original flavors.

06. Croquettes

The Vegetable and Cheese Croquettes were nice and crispy on the outside and warm mushy on the inside with tiniest bits of veggies, these were served with a thin dip that was very unusual to the thick mayo based ones served at majority of places.

07. Cold Coffee

While enjoying our appetizers we ordered beverages, menu has plenty of options to choose from. We were delighted to see the Vietnamese Cold Coffee on the menu which isn’t available in Café’s. It’s a sweet strong concoction, with condensed milk topped with espresso shots and frozen topped with ice and served, simple yet very decadent. If you don’t like your coffee very sweet ask them to go low on the condensed milk.

09. Peanut Butter Chocolate

08. Kiwi Blueberry

There is a Vietnamese Ice Tea as well, while it was not as strong as the coffee sibling, it has its own identity. We were thinking of ordering more water based refreshers, but we caught the sight of the Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie, and couldn’t resist ordering. It was heavy as one would expect but the flavors were too good to ignore that. Loaded with peanut butter and milk chocolate.

10. Pizza

After a small interval we moved on to mains, starting with Honey Sriracha Chicken Pizza which had a fusion of flavors that won’t go unnoticed. Thin crisp Pizza base loaded with sweet and spicy sauce with chicken and cheese, the sweetness of honey was well balanced with the heat of Sriracha.

18. Ribs

The Pork Spare Ribs in Citrus Chilli Jam sounded like sunshine as almost every place serving pork ribs generally does it in a dark sauce variation. Perfectly cooked ribs with a sticky sauce having sweet, spicy, and tangy flavors was a welcome change.

17. Lamb Stew

Lamb Stew was equally good. It had a very countryside homely feel to it, big chunks of lamb meat and potatoes, slow cooked for long with herbs in a thick meaty sauce.

14. Grilled Chkn Caramel Glaze

13. Grilled Chkn Caramel Glaze

Grilled Chicken Breasts in a Spicy Caramel Glaze, was something that will be accepted well by Indian palate, lots of mature flavors with right level of spiciness.

16. Slow Cooked Thighs

15. Slow Cooked Thighs

Curried Chicken Thighs in Wine Sauce was completely opposite, very subtle flavors.

12. Pork Belly

11. Pork Belly

Only let down of our meal was Crispy Pork belly, it sounded and looked equally good with the dark browned skin. But it was too overcooked and inedible.

When you dine at The Flour Works you need to keep space for the desserts. To keep it simple it’s a dessert haven especially everything chocolate.

19. Mousse

Dark Chocolate Mousse with Orange Caramel Filling & Creamy Orange Sauce is as mouthful as its name suggests. Rich complex flavors with each element done to perfection and should not be missed.

20. Choco Terrine

Chocolate Terrine, is a thick slice of light yet dense chocolate pate of sorts, served with Caramel whipped cream to add lightness to the chocolate flavors, was equally good.

21. Pannacotta

Caramel Pannacotta with Ginger Bread was another wonderful preparation, the ginger bread was warm and paired well with Pannacotta.

22. Custard

Custard Quartet, as name suggests had 4 types of custards. It’s a nice sampler platter if you don’t want to have too much of chocolate.

23. Hot Chocolate

With so much desserts we were thinking on skipping the all-time favorites Spiced Hot Chocolate and Orange Hot Chocolate. But with the heavy downpour and the balcony seating it was to be had for the weather. And so, we spent lazy hours sitting on the balcony sipping those decadent hot chocolates while enjoying a splash of rains on our faces.

Special Thanks to KarmaPR for inviting us.

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