The Fat and The Sexy Chef, Wanowrie, Pune, India


Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team

Restaurant Name:
The Fat & The Sexy Chef
Location: 24 Ashwini Palace, Wanowrie, Behind Kedari Petrol Pump, Pune.
Buzz: +91-9860793058
Contact Person: Mr. Ravi Sadhwani, Owner

The Fat and The Sexy Chef

For people who follow the Pune food scene, The Fat and The Sexy Chef should sound familiar. The man behind the name is Ravi Sadhwani who has been serving some delicious food from around the world at various pop up’s in Pune held at events like Pune Farmers Market. Also he has been supplying pre-marinated Non Vegetarian Barbeque and Grill ready stuff from their home, along with a good array of dips sauces and more. The Fat and The Sexy Chef ventured out of home and started an small outlet to cater to a larger clientele.


Food Prowl team was invited for a Food Tasting within the first week of opening. The menu includes an American All Day Diner – Burgers, Hotdogs, Pizzas, Panini, Waffles and more. More dishes will be added soon to the menu as well.

Everything is made in-house, its fresh and on the go comfort food, simple and enjoyable. No additives or colors are added here. Sausages are imported from Germany to serve the best possible local flavors.

We tasted a variety of Burgers, Hotdogs, House Special Pizzas and Desserts.  Some of them really stood out from the rest:


American Chicken Burger: The most standard yet most liked burger always is the Chicken Burger, it was loaded with mayo on top of a juicy chicken patty.Chicken BBQ Burger

Chicken BBQ Burger: There BBQ was very well balanced and the chicken had all its goodness, this was favorite of all burgers.


Hawaiian Chicken Burger: With a thick slice of pineapple along with chicken patty this had that sweet spicy tropical flavor.

The Burgers are served with fries and were pretty filling, with generous portions of meat, good amount of spreads & sauces, bit messy but really enjoyable.


After we were done with Burgers, the Hot Dogs followed and we focused especially on the pork ones.


German Bratwurst and Russian Sausage were impressive as well as the Indian Tikka Sausage with desi tandoori tikka flavors.


All these had very soft and juicy sausages with caramelized onions and jalapenos as toppings in a fresh and pillow like bun. Mustard sauce was served on the table to add as per personal liking and I made full use of it.


Done with the Hot Dogs it was time for Pizzas. Three cheese Pizza and Chicken Overload Pizza, both had a very thin base a bit soft, I would prefer a crispier one, but that is a personal thing.


The Chicken Overload is boss of all overload pizzas, if you ever had a complain other places on the amount of topping, you wont be able to say anything here. ITS LOADED with every chicken topping in the kitchen.


The Grand Finale of course had to be Desserts. We were served 5-6 different types of Waffles. The fruit based Waffles had in-house compotes of Strawberry and Blueberry on them; we also tasted the Chocolate Honey Waffles.


The unanimous best was the Irish Cream Sauce Waffles.

Banana fritters were delicate, crispy outside, soft & warm inside and went really well with the ice cream served with them.

The place is a little congested for a big group, but good news is they already have plans to open more outlets across town, so it can be your next door – yummy on the go – quick fix food place.

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