The Courtyard, Kothrud, Pune


Restaurant Name: The Courtyard
Location: 121/122, Rambaug Colony, Back Lane Of Bedekar Ganpati, Opposite Khaliya Shop, Kothrud, Pune
Buzz: +91-9413324280
Contact Person(s): Mr. Manoj Kumar / Ms. Kavita Kulkarni (Owners)

Kothrud has finally got its much needed multi cuisine family restaurant which serves Indian, Continental and Pan Asian Cuisines. They also have a small but much appreciated kids section on the menu. Considering the big number of vegetarian clientele in the neighborhood, they have put equal emphasis on vegetarian side of the menu as well.

Food Prowl Team was invited by the owners of The CourtyardMr. Manoj Kumar and Ms. Kavita Kulkarni. The Courtyard has a nice uncluttered and well-lit casual ambiance. The owners have made sure to hire a good kitchen team for each cuisine and that reflects directly on the food served. We tried dishes from all the cuisines and everything met or superseded our expectations.

We started the meal with a not so common Broccoli Soup, a very balanced preparation making the boring broccoli likeable and with cheese adding the right richness to it.

After lingering on the warmth of the lovely soup we were served a few starters.

03. Sichuan Paneer

02. Sichuan Paneer

Wrapped Cottage Cheese in Schezwan Sauce, a nice crisp layer of thin vermicelli encapsulating soft paneer and served with the schezwan sauce which is a nice fusion combination. Corn Cheese Balls with a Spiced Mayo Dip was a nice preparation.

05. Murg Paparika Tikka

We were also served some Indian starers –  Chicken Paprika Tikka, a spiced tender chicken tikka finished in tandoor. Recommended for those who like Indian style tikkas but want the spice level more than regular Tikkas or Malai Tikkas.

07. Paneer Shaslik

Paneer Shaslik was another Indian starter that the Chef recommended and it was totally worth it. Soft grilled Paneer with a Shaslik paste layered along with onion, tomato and capsicum.

06. Butter Garlic Prawns

also had very different Butter Garlic Prawns which are made in a continental way with a thick sauce served with the big prawns, so there is an option of having it with as much sauce as you like and prawns are not drenched in butter.

08. Khow Suey

Burmese Khowsuey in last few years has appeared on the menu of many restaurants in Pune. Quite a few do a decent job, but only few are really making this dish exceptionally well and The Courtyard is one of those places that does. Served with a rich curry with burnt garlic noodles and 7 condiments, roasted peanuts were one of the not so common ones and it added a lot of depth to the flavor and texture of the dish. Highly recommended to try this out.

09. Steak

They also have steaks and sizzlers on the menu and we were tempted to order Chicken Steak in Rum and Mushroom Sauce. It was a thick flavor packed sauce with very mature notes. Chicken cooked well with potato mash and grilled veggies as the sides. This is one of the best steaks I have had in Pune. This completes their arc of being multi cuisine restaurant.

10. Tawa Veg

11. Lahsooni Paneer

The Indian preparations were excellent – Tawa Veg, Lahsooni Paneer and Lahsooni Dal. All good prepared without any artificial colors and with the right flavors.

12. Naan

Jungli Naan was served along with the Indian main course and it was Manoj Kumar who insisted we try it out. No other restaurant in Pune serves this and is prepared with 5 ingredients that enhance the flavor of the Naan.

13. Dessert

were served Chikki Ice cream as the dessert which was very tasty and unusual. It was served with Crackling Honey Noodles that were not dripping with honey and not over sweet, noodles added texture and flavors to the ice cream.

The Courtyard is a very pleasant place and when people need more options and cuisines in Kothrud, this is the go to place.

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