Food Prowl Team


Food Prowl is a team of 15 Food Influencers

Ritesh Tiwari


Ritesh is a professional with more than 20 years of corporate experience in Leadership roles. Having diversified experience in HR & Business Development. After having worked as the Senior Manager-Operations for a leading International Market Research Company, he ventured out on his own and founded a Market Research Reports Reseller company

An avid foodie since birth, his motto of life is – “Eat and Let Eat”. He has been writing restaurant reviews actively on various food review platforms. Food Prowl was conceptualized and started by him in May 2015 as an individual blog but in due course many like minded bloggers and reviewers chose to unite under one roof – Food Prowl and share their Hunger Stories.

Ritesh loves North Indian and Maharashtrian Cuisine being a half UP’ite and Half Maharashtrian by birth. His hobbies include watching movies, listening to any music that is soothing to the ears and off late has been bit by the travel bug.

If there is one place in the world he would like to go for food is Switzerland – he loves chocolates and cheese.

Ritesh is also the SPOC for Food Prowl for all PR Agencies & Restaurateurs. As of now Food Prowl does not indulge in any commercial activities. Our passion for food is the only reason to attend food related events.

Food Prowl promotes all food related events they attend on the Food Prowl Blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Restaurant owners can get in touch directly with us.

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Varun Khanna


Varun is an IT Sales Transformation Expert with a leading IT Services company.  He is the gourmand who lives to eat and if  he’s not eating,  he’s either cooking or clicking food,  basically he’s always dreaming food. Food is part of his DNA.

Awadhi and Oriental are his favorite cuisines and Single Malts his poison. His interests all orbit around food – The books he reads, TV Series he watches,  holidays he goes on; focus is around exploring new cuisines and experimenting with new ingredients.  In addition movies and gadgets take up the time that is left.

Varun came on board as a Partner in Food Prowl in October 2015.

The one place in the world he would like to go to for food is New York,  the city that never sleeps which is defined by confluence of cultures and has cuisines from all across the world. So if one place has it all, why go anywhere else!

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