Swad Ka Swag, Tingre Nagar, Pune

Delivery Kitchen: Swad Ka Swag
Location: 14, Tingre Nagar Rd, opp. Vijay Rao, Vidyanagar, Tingre Garden, Pune, Maharashtra 411014.
Buzz: +91-93217-98009
Swad Ka Swag is a recently launched dark kitchen in Tingre Nagar, Pune. They serve some delicious Goan Food.
Prawns Curry and Surmai Rava Fry
The owner of Swad Ka Swag, Renuka Suryavanshiwho also runs an English weekly tabloid published in various areas of Pune called Pune Pulse requested me to try some of their dishes that were delivered neatly packed with utmost hygiene.
Chicken Cafreal was excellent. Went very well with Pav (only if Poee would have been available in Pune, it would have been heaven). The sourness of Vinegar was thankfully not overwhelming. Just Perfect.
Surmai Rava Fry was superb. Crisp rava coating with a layer of masala underneath was the icing on the … fish. 2 medium sized pieces.
Prawns Curry with Steamed Rice was nice. Coconut based curry with 6 pieces of prawns. Goan Red Rice would have been perfect for this curry but alas! if wishes were horses, beggars would ride!
Very satiating and soul food that can take you back to memory lane to Goa.
You can order from Swad Ka Swag via Swiggy or Zomato if you stay in the vicinity of Tingre Nagar. If not, www.puneorders.in is a brand new platform to order from as well.

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