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Savya Rasa | Food Prowl | Foodie on the Prowl | Restaurant Reviews | Food Bloggers | Pune

Savya Rasa
Address: D1, Vasani Nagar, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001 (Ahead of Starbucks)
Contact Persons: Mr. Uday Balaji
Cuisine: South Indian
Visit Date:  05/11/2015 Time: 8:30 PM

I am not a very great fan of South Indian Food, a big reason why I returned to Pune from the lovely city Mangalore within a year because I was tired of the Dosas, Idlis and Bonda’s. Being brought up in Maharastra my cravings for Misal Pav, Vada Pav and Poha increased with every passing day I stayed in Mangalore and finally my patience broke and I took the bus to Pune overnight! 6 Vada Pav’s and 2 Plate of Misal’s on the way as soon as I crossed Maharashtra Border were a witness to my desperation!

Some excellent feedback from fellow foodies finally made me relent and I decided to take a trip to Savya Rasa.

The Entrance itself gives you a hint of what to expect when you go inside, very articulately done interiors, not loud but beautiful and serene! Kudos to whoever designed the place! It was enough to know that we have arrived to a world very different to the usual ambiance we encounter in Pune restaurants!

We were taken to a private dining room, a concept that really rocks! No disturbance from other guests and you can create all the disturbance you want without troubling any other guests LOL!

My understanding of South Indian dishes is worser than my understanding of French, Greek, Italian and Mediterranean dishes. So basically I rely on my taste buds for my likes and dislikes.

I have attached the bill along with this post for the name of the dishes, many of which were tongue twisters for me and I will not pronounce them in public as my South Indian friends have always warned me not to, I may have to run lungi uthake he he he 🙂


Anjla Rava Fry, was tasteless, it should have had an accompaniment. Feedback given to the restaurant staff.

Gongura Mamasam (Mutton) stood out of all the dishes, which we thought was strongly flavored with tamarind but Sonal Zalkikar corrected us that is a leafy vegetable called Gongura that gives the tangy taste. Exactly why I like to steer clear of any analysis of South Indian food, not my forte. 😉

The Milagu Kozhi Chettinadu (Chicken) was not spicy at all, it should have been at least medium.

Bun Parotha was nice and so was the Kambu Roti.

Kozhi Chatti Biryani is not your regular run of the mill Biryani, the preparation is very different to the usually accustomed Andhra Biryani.

The Godhi Huggi dessert was alright, not very sweet, well balanced but really not for someone who has been often eating Chocolate Brownies and Ice Creams for desserts, you need to have a taste for this to enjoy it. Same for the Elaneer Pudding.

The water served, you can pick your choice from Tulsi Water, Jeera Water or Regular Water and at no extra charges 🙂

Overall the fare was good. Was it VFM? Yes! But not completely. The Pricing v/s Quantity equation really needs to be worked upon. There needs to be either a re-work on the pricing and/or the quantity. Unless, the clientele targeted is the expatriate crowd of Koregaon Park, then I guess it is fine. Was I still hungry when I left the place, Yes! But that is not a restaurant problem, I’m always hungry baba LOL!

The entire staff is dressed in crisp traditional attire.The Service is Excellent, it is one of the rare restaurants I have visited in a long long time which has such a well trained staff. It was heartening to see every staff member standing along the way and saying “Thank You” to us while we were leaving, this actually earned them a lot of brownie points and I felt like I was a Royal leaving, so not used to it, generally when I leave the restaurant all I can hear is “Aye! Chhotu, Table No. 5 pe phadka maar re, phataphat” ha ha ha ha !. The Restaurant Staff knows the menu by heart and are absolutely polite and courteous! WoW, this part was Magnificent. Surely applaudable!

The only word of caution to the restaurant management, please do not use the word “Authentic”, that may invite trouble, even if you are so sure and confident about everything being Authentic! I’m pretty sure, said this before on this forum, that word will start World War III someday!

Overall, a good first experience, will visit again, not soon though. Only because, South Indian food is a once in a while affair for me but would definitely recommend my foodie friends to visit soon. MUST try!

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