Fish Curry Rice, Erandwane, Pune, India – A Seafood Haven!

FP Team
Food Prowl Team – (L-R) Satwik Shetty, Aditya Gokhale, Priyanka Anand, Vitasta Abrol (standing behind), Ritesh Tiwari – Founder/Partner – Food Prowl, Sandesh Bhat – Owner, Fish Curry Rice, Michelle Mahabat, Chinmayi Bhambure, Varad Wazarkar, Varun Khanna – Co-Founder/Partner – Food Prowl

Restaurant Name:
Fish Curry Rice
Address: No.105, Rachana Trade Estate, Cannal Road, Opposite SNDT 2nd Gate, Law College Road, Apex Colony, Erandwane, Pune, Maharashtra 411004
Phone: +9190211 01234
Contact Person: Sandesh Sudhir Bhat
Date: 05/03/2016

The FoodProwl Team was extended an invite by Sandesh Bhat, Owner, Fish Curry Rice for an Exclusive Food Tasting to try the regular and newly added delicacies served at the restaurant.

Food Prowl Team

As usual and always expected the food was mouth watering and sumptuous. The tasting started with the Mori Fish Fry which was marinated overnight in spices and it was liked by the majority of us.

Mori Fish Fry

The Bangda Fish Fry again marinated overnight, was lip-smacking.

Bangda Fish Fry

Prawns Pickle was another amazing addition to the menu and this was a tad spicier but could just be eaten as it is or with bhakri/rice.

Prawns Pickle

Butter Garlic Squid was well prepared.

Butter Garlic Squid

Bombil Thecha Fry is a dish that FCR has mastered. Spicy but you just can’t resist it.

Bombil Thecha

The Surmai Fish Curry is a dish that FCR has mastered, you just can’t have any room for complain.

Surmai Fish Curry

Sukhat was another offering which was unanimously liked.


If all that was not enough came the latest introduction to the menu – Tambli or Tamboli and this is MUST if you are heading to Fish Curry Rice. The Spring Onion with Coconut Gravy preparation is a winner. Mix it with the curry or just eat it with rice as it is, you will say Wow!


The ever gracious Sandesh Sudhir Bhat as always hosted us and ensured that we were served undoubtedly the best of Seafood in Pune. There was hardly any feedback required. We were just in awe of the amazing food and the consistency that is synonym with Fish Curry Rice.

Review Posted by: Ritesh Tiwari | Food Prowl – The Hunger Stories