Pune Food Bloggers Guild : Terms and Conditions for Posting in the Group


Food Posts should ideally be for PUNE REGION only. Any posts outside of Pune may be allowed or deleted on the discretion of the Admin depending on the uniqueness of the post.

– All Posts should be in English language ONLY so that all members of the group that are settled in Pune from various parts of the country can understand the content of the post. We also desist use of “Chat” language. Kindly use proper English in all posts.

– Trolling of restaurants or any members of the group is strictly not allowed. Any member found indulging in making negative/personal comments that can hurt the sentiments of the members of the group will be removed from the Group.

Alcohol, DJ, Ghazal, Comedy, Hookah and any similar posts are not allowed. Food Events, Workshops related to cooking or baking, Buy/Sell of Restaurant Equipment/ Restaurant Staff Recruitment / Rental Ads / Food Apps and anything similar will NOT be Allowed in the group.  Any Bloggers Meet that is not endorsed by PFBG cannot be announced in the group.

– Asking for recommendations while sitting in a restaurant is strictly not allowed. If you are asking for suggestions for members in advance, make sure you are courteous enough to say Thank You! to them for their help. 

– Facebook profiles with Brand/Company names will not be allowed in the Group.

– Food Bloggers can share their food review blog posts in the Group. Sharing of Instagram/Facebook Page/ Youtube Videos or any other article from a third party website are  strictly not allowed by Bloggers/Reviewers or Restaurants/PR Agencies. No outright promotions of your Blogs, Instagram or Facebook Pages etc. will be allowed. Food Reviews MUST have the Name and Address of the Restaurant included and also name and/or description of the dishes served. All content posted must be original and not copy/pasted from any other source.

– Posting only photographs is not allowed. If the dish is home made, recipe needs to be included. Such posts will be allowed at the discretion of the Admins. Primarily, the group is for reviews of food served at eateries. All Review Posts must include Restaurant Name, name of the dishes and address of the restaurant. Posting of selfies/group photographs along with the post are not allowed. All Photos should be only related to food and drinks only. Primarily all posts should be about food. Alcohol related content that are a part of the food review are Allowed. However, any post with only Alcohol as its content will be at the discretion of the Admin to be allowed.

– If the review is regarding a food tasting invite, please use the hashtag #FoodTastingReview at the beginning of your post. The hashtag is not mandatory to be used if you are mentioning in the write up that it was food tasting that you were invited for, but if not, this is the ONLY hashtag eligible to be used. No other hashtag conveying that the review is for food tasting shall be allowed.

– NO CHECK-IN posts are allowed in PFBG.

– Negative reviews need to be constructive in nature. Bashing and thrashing of a restaurant will not be allowed. Feedback to the Owner/Manager directly is of utmost importance and we would encourage that to be done in person, rather than writing negatively about the restaurant. Admins will keep the post at their discretion, we trust your feedback, but we would really need to hear both sides of the story.

Paid Posts are strictly not allowed. We are completely against Blogger/Reviewers charging money for promoting any restaurant. We will not let our platform be used for your monetary gains. If we do get to know about any such case both the member and restaurant representatives will be removed from the group.

Only 1 post a day is allowed in the group by restaurants. 

Home Chefs/Home Bakers must include their contact information and delivery areas in their posts.

– If we find any false reviews posted by Restaurants / PR / Social Media agencies to promote a restaurant we will delete the post and remove the member(s) responsible for such posts.

– If any restaurant is approached by member of the group requesting for money for promotions in PFBG or for discounts as they are a part of PFBG, please bring it to the notice of the Admins – Ritesh/Varun.