Panash, Nagar Road, Pune | Asia in a Bowl Food Festival 19th April-29th April 2018

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Food Prowl Team (L-R) Satwik Shetty, Siddharth Alhat, Varun Khanna, Varad Wazarkar, Ritesh Tiwari and Aditya Gokhale

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5th Mile Stone, Nagar Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

Asia in a Bowl Food Festival is being held from 19th April – 29th April 2018 at Panash, the Pan Asian restaurant at Four Points Sheraton. There are 10 dishes on a specially curated menu and each of them is served in a bowl.

Food Prowl
(L-R) Varun Khanna, Aditya Gokhale, Siddharth Alhat, Chef Tenzin Nyandak, Ms. Sudeepta Sarkar, Ritesh Tiwari, Satwik Shetty, Varad Wazarkar

The Food Prowl Team was invited for a Food Tasting. Chef Tenzin Nyandak, Executive Sous Chef, is the brain behind this festival. Chef Tenzin has been with Four Points Sheraton for almost 1.5 years and previously he has worked with Taj Exotica, Goa and The Suryaa, New Delhi. He is an alumnus of IHM, Dehradun.

Food Prowl
Photo Credit: Four Points Sheraton, Pune

Our food tasting started with with an Espresso and Orange zest based Mocktail, it was nothing orthodox, a beautiful combination that we haven’t come across in any other place in Pune till date.
10. Pork BellyBBQ Pork Belly Bowl, steamed rice topped with a very gorgeous pork belly that was cooked to perfection and the sauce had a very earthy non-sweet flavor that complemented the pork very well. This was surely the star of the festival.
08. Chilli Coriander PrawnsHomemade Fresh Chilli and Coriander Prawns Fried Rice Bowl is very aromatic, fresh humble flavor and just a tad wet, not soupy but just slight watery to blend the prawns and the rice together.
06. Chiang MaiEach bowl has a different flavor dimension. Chiang Mai Curry Noodles is specially recommended for Thai food lovers, turmeric and ginger flavored curry with crispy noodles.
09. CantoneseRoast Cantonese Chicken is a dish which can suit every Indian palate with enough flavors from honey, soy, cinnamon, served with mango fried rice.
02a. RendangRendang Curry Bowl has lemongrass flavored rice and protein cooked in shallots, chilies, and mixed spices.
05. Spicy Minced BasilSpicy Minced Basil with Fresh Thai Bird Eye Chilli with Jasmin Fried Rice is a dish recommended for spice lovers. A sublime fragrant preparation with specific prominence of chilies.
03. Goreng11. SatayPanash Goreng Bowl is decked up with prawn crackers satay and fried egg. However, it lacked the prominence of tamarind and shrimp paste flavor a wee bit. Chef Tenzin duly noted our suggestion.
04. RamenMiso Ramen Chicken has noodles in a broth made of fermented beans and served with sliced chicken and poached egg.
07. ChirashiChirashizushi has scattered rice with slices of fresh fish, while the fish and wasabi are good, the proportion of rice is more for the fish and that makes it a tad dry.
12. PannacottaThe dessert served was Lemongrass Pannacotta which was fabulous, a nice creamy and wobbly Pannacotta.

The bowls are priced between Rs. 375/- to Rs. 525/- which is seems good enough in relation to the taste and quantity.

So if you are in a mood for some Asian food, head out straightaway to Panash at Four Points Sheraton.

Special Thanks to Ms. Tanvi Deshpande (Public Relations) for inviting us. Also, Ms. Sudeepta Sarkar (Assistant Manager – Marcom, Four Points Sheraton, Pune) and Chef Tenzin Nyandak (Executive Sous Chef, Four Points Sheraton, Pune) for being such gracious hosts.

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Panash, Nagar Road, Pune | Asia in a Bowl Food Festival 19th April-29th April 2018

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