Paddy’s Cafe, Kothrud, Pune


Restaurant Name: Paddy’s Café
Location: 128/2, Mayur Colony, Solaris Club, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411038.
Buzz: +91-95613 84646
Contact Person: Akshay Padman (Owner)


Paddy’s Café is in the serene by lanes of Mayur Colony in Kothrud in the same premises as Solaris. A very neat and nicely decorated place owned by Akshay Padman and his wife Komal Padman. The Café overlooks the tennis courts besides it. It has a very serene ambiance and is a good place to dine comfortably.

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Food Prowl normally does not accept invites for Food Tasting of Café’s as a new one opens every second day in town serving the same run of the mill Bun Maska, Omelettes and Irani Chai. However, since a member of Food ProwlDr. Anupam Potdar had visited this place and praised it a lot we decided to check it out. Surprisingly, Paddy’s qualifies to be more than just a Cafe. They have quite an impressive menu with variety of options – All Day Breakfast consisting of Omelettes, Waffles, Oats, Pancakes and Crepes.  Some Quick Bites such as Nachos, French Fries, Cheese Chilli Toast, Peri Peri Fries and more. They even serve Soups, Salads, Risotto, Pastas, Pizzas and some very nice Burgers and Sandwiches. Various options in Tea including some unique like – Egyptian Mint Black Tea and Fruit Bloom Tea as well as Beverages are available. Thankfully nothing run of the mill like most other Café’s.

Paddys Ext

Akshay, the young owner of Paddy’s Cafe was the host for our food tasting and he came across as a very friendly, passionate and knowledgeable person.

1-Oreo Shake

While we waited for the food to be served, the Oreo Shake arrived on our table. A very refreshing shake with considering it was a very hot and sunny day.

2-Corn and Cheese Balls

3-Corn and Cheese Balls

Corn and Cheese Balls followed which had gooey cheese stuffed inside. These were probably one of the best we have had in Pune.

4-Creamy Chicken Pizza

5-Creamy Chicken Pizza

6-BBQ Chicken Pizza

7-BBQ Chicken Pizza

Two Pizzas were served – BBQ Chicken Pizza and Creamy Chicken Pizza. Both were well prepared with a thin crust base. They make their breads in house. The only slight improvement required was to be a bit more careful while baking them as the corners were getting charred.

8-Harissa Chicken Burger

9-Harissa Chicken Burger

Next on the list were BurgersHarissa Chicken Burger and Veggie Burger. Harissa Chicken Burger was on the spicier side due to the Harissa Sauce and the cheese slice elevated the taste.

10-Veggie Burger

Veggie Burger was simply outstanding. This was beyond our expectations and arguably the best Veg Burger we have had in Pune. The patty was prepared with finely chopped vegetables and Mashed potatoes, deep fried to perfection laid on a lettuce leaf and topped with a cheese slice. Highly recommended for those who crave for good burgers. The burgers are served along with French Fries.

12-Basil Pesto Sandwhich

4 different Sandwiches were served. Each sandwich was filling and served with French fries and garlic sauce.

12-Basil Pesto Sandwhich

Basil Pesto Sandwich had veggies and predominantly spinach with pesto sauce.

18-BBQ Chicken Sandwich

17-BBQ Chicken Sandwich

BBQ Chicken Sandwich had tender pieces of chicken in BBQ Sauce topped on an iceberg lettuce leaf.

15-Jerk Chicken Sandwich

Jerk Chicken Sandwich had nice tender pieces of chicken over an iceberg lettuce.

14-Grilled Chicken Sandwich

13-Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Sandwich consisted of tender grilled chicken pieces and mayo sauce. All sandwich breads are prepared fresh in house. All sandwiches were very good especially the BBQ and Jerk Chicken.

19-Arrabiata Pasta

20-Arrabiata Pasta

2 different Pastas were served – Pink Sauce Pasta and Arrabiata Pasta.

21-Pink Sauce Pasta

22-Pink Sauce Pasta

Both pastas were prepared well. The Arrabiata Pasta was prepared with Penne and spicy Arrabiata sauce. This Pasta as a bit dry compared to the Pink Sauce Pasta which had more Pink sauce along with bell peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes. Cheese was sprinkled on top along with parsley.

24-Fluffy Pancakes

23-Fluffy Pancakes

It was time for the Grand Finale with the Dessert being served. The Fluffy Pancakes rocked our taste buds. These were the best we have had so far in Pune probably. Soft and Fluffy served along with honey syrup and whipped cream, we were so happy eating it that were served another portion which even though we had eaten to the extent that our stomachs would burst, we could not resist finishing the second serving of the Fluffy Pancakes. Highly Recommended for those who love Pancakes.

25-Fluffy Pancakes

Paddy’s Cafe scores high on food and service quality. This quaint place is a good hang out for those who want to probably have a quiet dine in experience.

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