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Restaurant Name: Murphies
Location: Shop 1/2, 357/1, Pingle Chowk, Lane Number 6, Meera Nagar, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
Buzz: +91-20-6528-9191


Murphies – Much more than Potatoes

Murphies celebrated its First Anniversary a while ago and they already have a long list of patrons who like their Murphs and overall ambiance for a cool laid-back dine in. Team Murphies just upped the ante by expanding the menu beyond the Murphs.


They have introduced a full appetizer section and mains including Steaks. The best thing over the year is (in addition to delicious food) the overall value for money they provide through the portion sizes and pricing is an exception in Koregaon Park. With the menu extended and a full operational Bar available, this can be a regular hangout even if you are not a fan of the Potato as now there are more options on the menu.


On a scorching Saturday afternoon, the Food Prowl Team walked into Murphies to try the new options on their menu.  The fresh and original flavors made us forget the heat outside.

02 Chicken Strips b

Our meal started the dish that was easily the Winner of the Day – Chicken Strips.

01 Chicken Strips

Utterly juicy and tender Chicken Strips coated in a very crispy crumb that was perfectly golden, served with a complementing sweet chili sauce.  These can be ordered in 6 or 12 pieces, and 12 strips cost just 350. Few beers on the side and this will have you sorted for an hour or so.

03 Potato Crisps

Potato Crisps is done very thoughtfully. It has potato skin crisp batter fried and served with a Saffron Aioli. That aioli makes these potato skins look very tempting, a thing to have as a side. Surely they aren’t wasting any vegetables here.

04 Pork Skin

05 Pork Skin

The BBQ Pork Skin is another unique dish as you seldom see pork skin on menus in Pune, and to top that these were so delicious, served on a bed of potato crisps and served with sour cream. It tasted heavenly.

06 Beef Quesadillas

07 Beef Quesadillas

As we were on meat spree and had found our chicken favorite, we explored other meats and had Beef Quesadillas which had very juicy grilled Beef tenders with cheese, beans and sour cream packed in a nice soft tortilla.

08 Bacon Prawns

09 Bacon Prawns

Bacon Wrapped Prawns, well when there’s bacon in the dish nothing can go wrong, though this is a tricky one to cook with varying cooking time for both meats, here it was cooked perfectly.

14 Bacon Mushroom

Done with appetizers we were to order mains, but few of us hadn’t tried Murphs earlier, and when at Murphies you must try them, so we ordered 3 – Tuna, Bacon Mushroom and Steak Gravy.

12 Tuna

The Tuna Murph is highly recommended. The creaminess from mayo and the flavors of Gherkins make the Tuna taste so good.

13 Bacon Mushroom

The Bacon Mushroom was also good, and if you want more pork than bacon Steak Gravy should be your pick.

15 Pork Belly

Finally, it was time for steaks, we ordered – Pork Belly, Cajun Chicken and Fish Steak. Each Steak is enough for 2 people if you’ve had an appetizer or two earlier. They are served with 2 or 3 sides and are pretty heavy. All 3 Steaks were excellent, cooked just right such that meat was tender and not at all chewy, sauces and sides worked very well together, thus everything was spot on.

16 Pork Belly

Pork Belly was served with a Bacon Mash, ya more *oink oink* in it and creamed cabbage. The texture and flavor from the sauce just melt in your mouth, and had all the meatiness intact.

18 Cajun Chicken

Cajun Chicken had 2 pieces of grilled chicken topped with creamy Cajun spiced sauce that was enough for both the pieces and was served with 3 sides – yummy herbed mushrooms, potato mash and coleslaw. If ordering for one person it will be a complete meal.

17 Fish Steak

Fish Steak also had 2 big fillets, cooked and served with onion and jack cheese sauce, topped with mushrooms and served with penne pasta and pepper salad as sides. Woah! very very delicious and filling.

It seldom happens that we get served such a perfect meal that none of the dishes need to be altered. Murphies is a highly recommended place for people who love the young vibe, live matches, good beers and flavorful food.

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