Murphies Bon Ap’potato, Koregoan Park, Pune, India

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team

Restaurant Name:
Murphies – Bon Ap’potato
Location: Shop 1-2, Lane 6, Pingale Corner, Koregaon Park, Pune
Buzz: +91-9922546426
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Potato Takes Center Stage

Potatoes have always been an integral part of our meals but at the same time they have been attributed as add-ons as sides be it the famous avatars of french fries of the creamy mashes served with steaks or the wedges, they have been on the side majority of times. But not anymore, at Murphies complete focus us on the Potato, it is the star here. They have consciously introduced the concept of Murphs to Pune.
IMG_6139Entire menu is built around the most common vegetable in every kitchen. They have setup a Victorian style oven to bake specially selected variety of potatoes to perfection where you get to eat a soft center and a wafer crisp skin. And then it is loaded with a variety of toppings to make the dish more irresistible.
IMG_6125We started our meal here with Waffle Fries very interesting and very tasty variation from the regular fries and tasted excellent with the sour cream served with it.

IMG_6137Cheese and Jalapeno bites with had potato in the mix as well, nice soft cheesy centered deep fried nuggets, crisp on the outside served with a honey chilly dip, as a personal preference I would have preferred more Jalapenos  for the spiciness but overall they were liked across the table.
IMG_6149Next up were the Chicken Strips, no potatoes here, the meat was tendered and tasty but the batter coating lacked the crispness it should have had, was very limp.
IMG_6151They also have few salads on offer and we tried 2 – Greek Goodness & Purple Island. Purple Island was an outright winner for us; it had red cabbage as key ingredient with bell peppers and orange citrus flavor, very different combination as compared to the usual ones available everywhere. The Greek Goodness had lettuce, cucumber, bell peppers, onions, olives and feta cheese flavored with fresh herbs. Quantity of both salads was very good and it’s enough for 2 3 people to share a bowl.
IMG_6156Next came in the main star – Murph. They have 5 veg, 7 non veg and 3 that can be had as veg chicken or prawns. We tried 5 of these –
IMG_6182Bacon & Mushroom – This one has been my favorite from everything I have tried over 3 4 visits, loaded with bacon bits and mushrooms and topped with cheese, absolute delight.

Chicken Tandoori – This one was chicken chunks in tandoori masala and topped with cheese. We felt this to be a little fry and it needed more chicken overall.
IMG_6179Mexican Chicken – This is next best to bacon one. It has nachos, refried beans, mushrooms, baby corn with a salsa sauce. Perfect Mexican incarnation and these flavors go very well with
Indian palate in general.

Basil Pesto – This is a good option for vegetarians. It has lot of exotic veggies done in a traditional basil pesto sauce, having the right flavors.

Sour cream & Chives – This is a simple preparation baked potato with layers of sour cream and sprinkled with chives. This is perfect for the people who like it to be simple. More focused  towards the Western palates and expat audience.

One Murph is big enough for one hungry person, so order wisely if you have already had few starters. Whichever Murph you choose do not miss out on the skin, that is the best part, the very crispy potato skin is to be eaten and not left out.
IMG_6169In addition to the Potato menu, they have very recently introduced the weekly specials menu that have other preparations that are not potato focused. We tried Pepper Chicken and Butter Garlic Prawns, bother were good preparations, with nice portions, these will keep changing very week.

Overall it’s a nice place to try something new to break the monotony of the usual 3 4 type of cuisines everyone has on a regular basis. The ambience and the space is very laid back, you can enjoy a football game on the large screen with variety of beers they serve and you favorite Murph.

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