The Perfect Coffee Cuppa at La Terrazza Trattoria & Lounge, Hyatt Regency, Viman Nagar, Pune



First Ever Coffee Evening at La Terrazza Trattoria & Lounge

Date: 4th December 2015.

Coffee shop – Every Star Hotel has one but often it’s not a focus area and is there for completing the checklist.

Thankfully Hyatt Regency, Pune take their coffee very seriously, they recently introduced a refurbished coffee menu serving the very best of Illy Coffee at Gourmet Avenue Coffee Shop.

The idea is simple and effective – that of serving a fewer number of coffees but doing it with perfection.

They have 6 coffees to offer each of them if a exquisite blend with and just right amount of sweetness (yes that is very important for a caffeine junkie like me).


We were invited to try these buy tramadol coffees, we tried all 6 and I must confess these were pretty impressive ones. Usually I refrain from the franchise coffee shops and rely on my French press at home and artisan blends I keep sourcing from Kerala to Africa.



The coffees being served are:

Espresso – A pure perfectionist blend of Arabica’s finest, very mature balance of flavors
upto the end palate and after taste.

Cappuccino – Richness of milk added to the espresso shot, making it more wholesome for most.

Cappuccino Viennese – The frothed milk and whipped cream version, extra rich extra strong yet very smooth perfect to give you a milk mustache.

Marocchino Caldo – This is one for those who cannot resist chocolate, hot chocolate with an espresso shot topped with milk and cocoa powder. A great concoction of 2 bean products that
are best known to man.

Espresso Illy Freddo Shakerato – Okay to phentermine 37.5 simplify the name its Iced Espresso with a hint of sugar,at first I didn’t want the sugar, then I tried both variations and believe me this (with sugar) was the best coffee I had that day.

Cappuccino Freddo – The cold cappuccino, topped with cold frothed milk. A typical Iced Latte from the look but not watery at all till the last sip.


One of these coffees at least should suit your palate if you don’t want like mixing innovative flavors of caramel, almonds etc. to your coffee.

To accompany the coffees there are a number of savory and sweet food options. All of which served to us were really good, in particular the Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich and Strawberry and Pepper.


Brownies were the ones I liked most and repeated with every round of coffee.

The sandwiches had herbed modvigil loaf that was very fresh and soft and the basil leaf added to the flavor, simple yet very satisfying.

Last but not the least those Brownies and use of fresh black pepper was a brilliant idea from the chef, we often use spices in desserts but I haven’t come across a black pepper induced dessert yet, and if did wonders and elevated the brownie to a exceptional level.


I would recommend this place to people who take their coffee seriously and don’t want to compromise on any aspect of it – Taste, Temperature, Aroma and Consistency. You are sure to feel Happ‘illy’ !!


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