Italian Buffet Launch – La Terrazza, Hyatt Regency, Viman Nagar, Pune

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Italian Buffet | La Terrazza, Hyatt Regency | Food Prowl

FoodProwl was invited for the Launch of Weekly (Saturday) Italian Dinner Buffet at La Terrazza, Hyatt Regency. Priced at Rs. 1050 + taxes this is a great offer. A fellow foodie Priyanka Anand and me were happy to attend the launch.

weikfiWeIt was a great meal that included good selection of dishes, each being part of a true traditional Italian meal. We got talking with the head chef Rana about the intent  and his focus is clearly on serving a true Italian experience for a family or friends who are looking for a peaceful Saturday night dinner and want to try variety of Italian cuisine. Thus he has not made the spread too overwhelming but still it is big enough for one to try all the dishes at least once.

The Buffet included:

–       Antipasti bar that had salads, variety of cold cuts (around 20) accompanied by a clear soup, with a number of freshly baked breads.

–       There are few starters as well that are freshly prepared and served on the table.

–       There were number of Italian  homemade pickles that went very well with cold cuts

–       A number of Cheese to go well with a Glass of Wine.

–       In mains there have 3 dishes over the counter and then there is a live kitchen that serves Pizzas, Pastas, Risottos, Gnocchi on the table as you want them

–       Desserts had a mix of cakes and being Christmas time few traditional Italian festive preparations.

As we reached the place it was already abuzz with walk in guests and number of them having kids who were having a gala time around the spacious restaurant that has both indoor and al fresco seating options. We selected a nice table by the window that was decorated with a bunch of gerbera flowers and a candle.

Once done clicking with the pics, we straight away started with the cold cuts and salads. All the cold cuts looked very fresh and inviting. I tried them all and all had nice yet simple flavors and let the meats own flavors impress the taste buds. The ones I liked the most were,

Mortadella – low on fat pork sausage slices flavored with black pepper and pistachios. A mouthful tender meat felling that was very aptly moist

Tenderloin Carpaccio – Very thin slices of meat topped with arugula leaves, olive oil, lemon juice, parmesan shavings. Very delicate meat and cheese and leaved added to its taste dimensions.

Chicken Terrine – It was a nice thick cut of meat flavored with herbs and mildly spiced

Turkey Salad, Tuna Fennel Salad, Tuna and Beans Salad and in Veg Tomato with Avocado and Mint were other ones that I liked very much and repeated.


Vegetarians should not be disappointed reading this as there were number of veg options as well – pumpkin salad, quiche, zucchini fritters, pasta salad and few more leafy salads.

Once done with all the antipasti options, we tried the 5 cheeses that were on a counter to taste (we didn’t exactly follow the Italian meal courses and went on as per our palate and appetite), they have a number of them and I particularly liked the cheese from the big slab (forgot the name) that was very sharp and brittle. The other options were good as well specially the marinated mozzarella, it was really soft yet not chewy cheese that left a fine taste of herbs at the end of the palate.


After slowly enjoying each type of cheese we moved on towards the mains on the counter, the grilled chicken with vegetables, perfectly succulent bird grilled to keep the flavors and juices intact had beans, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and potatoes for making it a complete dish. The chicken was very mildly flavored and if you like to spice is it up the home made pickles would come in very handy here.

Along with chicken there were 2 veg preparations – Lasagna and Polenta. I have a little pet peeve when it comes to lasagna as I don’t like even a little bit more of the tomato based sauce in it, but this was one of the best Lasagna I have had in long time, it was so good that it has brought down my hesitation towards the dish. The Polenta was also very nicely prepared with a layer of veggies and mushrooms.

Moving on we tried modvigil the live counter as the smell of the freshly baked pizzas had troubled us enough already, we were served about 6 inch Pizzas – olive, chicken and jalapeno. Both had excellent crust very earthen notes to it with right amount of sauce cheese and toppings. The pizzas were so good that we asked for another pepperoni one that tasted the best the meat flavor and that base together did amazingly well.


Next came the Risotto and Gnocchi. The pasta was a white sauce one with chicken and herbs, we really liked its consistency phentermine 37.5 and texture not at all runny and not even a bit cloggy at the same time, the flavors were simple and little more seasoning brought it to my preferred levels. The gnocchi although was not that great it lacked the texture and was too soft, and the tomato flavors made it less appetizing for me.


So I saved my remaining appetite and added it to my dessert space, as we were told they had few traditional Christmas favorites prepared. The spread included – Fruit crumble, Piedmont Pudding, Tiramisu, Poached Pears with Thick Chocolate Sauce, Vanilla Pound Cake, Carrot and Plum Cake and Almond Cookies. 

The highlight of the spread were – The Pudding that had a very distinct texture that was not very creamy and had a very little bit of resistance to it, flavored impressively with rum dark chocolate, coffee and caramel, now when ingredients of this level come together they are bound to create magic and so did this pudding. All the elements came together so well that this will be a hard to forget dessert for me.

The tiramisu was another one that I liked very much, for simple reason. Most places in Pune that are known for their tiramisu don’t use lady fingers but a sponge instead, it was such a delight to taste a Tiramisu that was made very traditionally. Light airy and having all the right flavors, this I believe will be on the buffet regularly.


Pears with buy tramadol dark chocolate sauce were a very good combo of the sweet and bitter flavors. Rest all were fine desserts but not completely outstanding, the fruit crumble lacked the freshness and could have had higher proportion of fruits.

While eating all the food we felt necessity of some drinks and ordered few cocktails. Now there were few very impressive and innovative options and the ones we tried were spot on.

This buffet is a very good option for the weekend family meal.

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