Christmas Baking Masterclass with Chef Parag Kandarkar at Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar


Christmas Baking Masterclass with Chef Parag Kandarkar

With Christmas less than a week away, it was a tempting invite that we could not refuse to attend Christmas Baking Master Class at Hyatt Pune.

A Master Class is buy tramadol conducted every month for the special menu prepared at the restaurants within Hyatt Pune.

Now I do not bake at home as often as I cook, but am always around when ladies of the house who are experts in baking are about to infuse entire home with aroma of fresh cakes, cookies, breads, muffins etc.

So I was eager to attend this class so I could also flaunt few tips and tricks next time oven in on pre heat mode.

Chef Parag Kandarkar

As for the Master Class Chef Parag Kandarkar – The Star of The Show had chosen 5 Christmasmodvigil associated recipes with few of which he prepared in a very traditional way and in few he added his own twists, and one was made from leftovers. He guided us in preparing:

1. Chocolate cinnamon star cookies
2. Plum pudding
3. Christmas tree cookies
4. Dundee cake
5. Drunken chocolate balls

(All these preparations are also on sale throughout festive season)

1. Chocolate Cinnamon Star cookies

Chef very patiently answered phentermine 37.5 all possible queries that all of us had,  from basics such as difference between baking soda and baking powder to right way of making dark caramel and how to get desired texture.  He also detailed difference between various ingredients’ brands, which ones are good to use and the others that are unnecessarily expensive and where to get the ingredients.

5b. Decoration time

He shared tips and tricks on how to bake better and to perfection after all baking needs to be very precise – quantity, steps, temperature, time and he patiently did everything and let us taste what was prepared freshly instead of serving us ones that were already ready for sale.


All the participants were motivated to try their hands on the tricky parts. I class went well over the scheduled time but it was not hurried at any point.

I returned a better baker from Hyatt Pune and I am about to try few of the recipes soon.

Wishing Everyone a  Very Merry Christmas!

Reviewed by Varun Khanna | Food Prowl | The Hunger Stories | Pune Food Blog


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