A Coastal Food Treat! Fish Curry Rice, Law College Road, Pune

Fish Curry Rice

FoodView: Fish Curry Rice
Address: Rachana Estate, Intersection of Canal Road and Law College Road, Pune – 411004.
Contact Person(s): Mr. Sandesh Sudhir Bhat
Cuisine: Coastal
Visit Date: 27/12/2015 Time: 1:30 PM

Our gang of foodies was longing to eat at Fish Curry Rice, but somehow we all had to wait long enough for the plan to materialize. And we are glad it happened as curtains came down on 2015.

We braved the long drive and reached on time to a full house. We were expecting long waiting and had updated about our plans. Another wise decision was to let him decide the order.

The dishes which were served were:

Thecha Stuffed Bombil Fry
• Bombil Fry
• Surmai Masala Fry
• Steamed Pomfret
• Mudhushe Rawa Fry (Lady Fish)
• Veg Crispy
• Clams Curry
• Prawns Curry
• Goan Fish Curry

Fish Curry Rice

Oh ya we ate all that 🙂

High points of our meal that need special mention are –

Thecha Bombil Fry: a very good combo, till now I have had prawns stuffed bombil but this worked much better, let the Bombil dominate buy tramadol in every bite and added interesting chilli garlic notes to one-dimensional Bombil. A little extra chilly zing might have worked better for me (but maybe not for most). The regular Bombil Fry was also the best but Thecha Bombil is the one I would prefer on my future visits to Fish Curry Rice.

Steamed Pomfret: It was the best Pomfret I’ve had, steam enhanced the texture and flavors of the famous wish the masala on it was good as well, the best thing for health conscious foodies

Fish Curry Rice

Clams Curry: A brown curry with medium consistency was unanimous choice for everyone on the table. Enough clam meat in it, mild flavors went well with the delicate clams.

Fish Curry Rice

Bhakri: It might phentermine 37.5 seem that Bhakri is such a simple thing what can be great about it, but we have had Bhakri’s at many places recently and these were the best. Piping hot very very soft and not dry in any way. We ate little extra just to enjoy the extra Bhakri.

All other stuff good as well, the Fried Crisp Veggies, Surmai, Lady Fish,Sol Kadi, Gobi Pickle and various condiments all made the meal more enjoyable.

Prawns curry was very red in color and it looked very hot n spicy but wasn’t.

The Goan Fish Curry was high on turmeric,and was preferred by number of people.

Fish Curry Rice

Overall the quality of fish was really modvigil good, everything was absolutely fresh and the efforts put behind it were really visible. Mr. Sandesh Bhat, the owner of Fish Curry Rice, himself takes personal care to see that everyone is enjoying their food and the service is proper.

Seating space is limited so do reserve your table before going.

We highly recommend this place to all fish lovers.

Fish Curry Rice recently won the Times Food Award for The Best Coastal Category.

Definitely Two Thumbs Up!

Reviewed by Varun Khanna | FoodProwl | The Hunger Stories


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