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Restaurant Name: Effingut Brewerkz
Location: Unit 5&6, Tower 3, Gate 3, World Trade Center, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014, India.
Buzz: +91 76200 38888

24 - Effingut Brewerkz

Not just EffinGud but seriously EffinGreat!

Food Prowl Team was recently invited for a Food Tasting at the newly opened branch in Kharadi of Effingut Brewerkz, which arguably is the Best Brewery in town.

30 - Ext

It not only serves great Craft Beers, with lots of variations round the year but also has some delectable dishes on its menu. Effingut Brewerkz scores high on its hospitality and we are not saying this because our food tasting session went awesome but because we have been EffinRegs (Regulars) at Effingut down the years. Also, they now have their own Andriod App which regulars can use and avail some great offers and discounts. Download their App from the Google Playstore.

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27 - Int


Effingut Brewerkz, Kharadi has its own charm, it has best outdoor seating section of among all the 3 branches and indoors are about high chairs for that bar feel. It has a very young vibe. The interiors are so delectably done that it comes as no surprise that it was recently receive an honorable mention from the American Architecture Prize while Effingut Brewerks, Baner was awarded the Best Interior – Hospitality. Kudos! to Manu Gulati and the Effingut Team.

25 - Int

The differentiation doesn’t stop at that, Effingut team has decided to keep majority of the food menu same at all outlets yet have some specials specific to each location. Kharadi has got Wok toss, Kathi Rolls and Pizzas as it’s specials which are fabulous. 12 dishes on the food menu that are limited to the Kharadi branch only.

01. Tasters

03. Tasters

Also, this was a first time we saw a full house of Beers on Tap – 10 of them to be exact. Lots of beer to make everyone happy, for those who don’t prefer the Ciders or Melomels, more options mean more actual beers like Dunkelweizen and Coffee Stout that rank amongst favorites for a lot of Craft Beer lovers.

02. Tasters

05. Beer

04. Beer

Effingut does not just serve Beers they also have an exhaustive Bar Menu for those who prefer cocktails to Beers and for those who don’t prefer alcohol they do serve some amazing Mocktails as well.

It is no secret a lot of people go to Effingut not just for drinks but for equally good food including a lot of teetotalers who like going just for good food. The menu is elaborate – both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian, preparations are flavorful and quantity is the size of a Punjabi’s heart (which probably is because Manu Gulati, the owner has his antecedents in Punjab). Effingut does not cut corners, their hospitality is impeccable. Whether its food, service or the quantity of the portions they serve its they are lion hearted at everything.

Our food tasting included loads of finger food. We gave our usual favorites – Chicken Nachos, Buffalo Chicken Strips, Khow Suey and Sizzling Brownie a skip this time to try the dishes on the new menu. All the dishes we had were made well and were not unidimensional, there were multiple elements in each dish that were out of the box and yet complementing the textures and flavors.

07. Chkn Bites

Crispy Chicken Bites were made crisp with panko crumbs with tender juicy chicken on the inside and served with a spicy and tangy peri peri dip, to make it a tantalizing combination.

15. Golden Prawns

Similarly, jumbo Golden Fried Prawns were put on skewers, deep fried in a batter that kept the prawns intact, no access oil and all the flavors came from the brilliant hot and aromatic Sambal Sauce.

10. Threaded Paneer

The Threaded Cottage Cheese had paneer spiced with oriental herbs and coated with deep fried crispy thin threads, this was tasty and a heavy dish, so order it when you are in a group or if you have huge appetite, or else you won’t be able to order more.

08. Fries

09. Fries

The regular humble French Fries are also made signature Effingut Style. They are loaded with BBQ sauce and Cheddar Cheese dressing making the fries finger licking good Loaded BBQ Potatoes.

13 - Quattro Formaggio

14 - Quattro Formaggio

16. QF Pizza

The Veg Quattro Formaggio Pizza was delectable with loads of cheese making an excellent concoction with their individual identities merging together.

17. Pork Pizza

15 - Pulled Pork & Bacon

16 - Pulled Pork & Bacon

Pulled Pork & Bacon Pizza had slow cooked pull pork and bacon along with Orange Cheddar and Mozzarella. Pork lovers can Rejoice!

14. Veg Roll

The Kathi Rolls are only available at the Effingut, Kharadi branch. Mexican Veg Kathi Roll has Cajun Marinated Cottage Cheese with Bell Peppers and Onions.

12. Thecha Roll

11. Thecha Roll

Thecha Chicken Roll has spicy Thecha filling. They have toned down the spiciness on customer requests but you can ask them to make it as spicy you like suited to your palate.

13. Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls served were Veg and Chicken. Both are served with Hot Garlic Dips.

18. Tequilla Prawns

Another yum and gourmet dish we tried was – Tequila, Lime and Thyme Prawns. Prawns made in a creamy sauce that had a hint of tequila and tang from the lime and depth from thyme, very glorious flavors. And to add to its gourmet quotient, they were served in a basket made of parmesan cheese, yup a crunchy thin cheese basket.

20. Trifle

19. Cheesecake

We usually end the meals at Effingut with Flambe Sizzling Brownie, but this time we tried the Hazelnut Cheesecake and Hefeweizen Banana Trifle. The Trifle had layers of chocolate sponge, beery airy cream and topped with toffee bananas and infused with Award winning Hefeweizen, spot on combination.

17 - Hazelnut Cheesecake

As it was Sunday afternoon they had acoustic singing, and man what a melodious marvel Swaroop from Nu-Edge band is, he just kept everyone hooked to their seats till his last song. A well spent afternoon in every sense, beers food music.

23 - Swaroop

With the Kharadi Branch, Effingut is has now covered the length and breadth of Pune. So, whether you are within the vicinity of Baner, Koregaon Park or Kharadi, there is always an Effingut nearby to hop in for the Hops. They just went from being EffinGud to becoming EffinGreat!

Special Thanks to Ms. Smruti Mehta from Ideosphere for inviting us and Ms. Sanika Kelkar – Marketing Executive, Effingut Brewerkz for hosting us.

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