Baan Tao, Pune-Nagar Road, Hyatt Pune – China To Baan Tao Food Festival


Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team with Chef Sunil Joshi, Chef Sun, Ankoura Verma (Admin and Marketing Communication, Hyatt Pune) and Heena Grover Menon (Karma PR)

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Baan Tao
Hyatt Pune, Adjacent to Aga Khan Palace, 88, Pune Nagar Road, Mahindra Society, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411006

Food Prowl Team

China to Baan Tao

The China To Baan Tao festival is scheduled between 18th September 2016 – 27th September 2016. (Ala-Carte). MasterChef Sun is also conducting a Masterclass on 24th September 2016.

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team with Chef Sunil Joshi

Baan Tao has been one of the most trusted dining options when it comes to Asian food in Pune. They not just serve good oriental food to the patrons but also regularly introduce them to very appetizing food concepts from Far East and some conceptualized in house by organizing food festivals regularly.

Food Prowl Team
Chef Sunil Joshi and Chef Sun

In the series of food festivals is the – China to Baan Tao special. They have flown in a very talented Chinese MasterChef Sun to Pune to showcase his culinary skills.  Chef Sun along with Chef Sunil Joshi have created an al a carte menu focusing some familiar as well as some  new dishes, yet even if you know few by name and have tasted them at best of places it comes with Chef Sun’s special touch that is very Authentically Chinese. He has imported his favorite ingredients and is serving the very best.

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team

Food Prowl Team was invited to Baan Tao for a food tasting of this special meal and it was a meal to remember. To my surprise it was not just the Non Veg food that impressed us but the Veg food was on equal footing.


For starters we tried Wok Fried Sichuan Mushrooms in Soy & Peppers, a very crispy starter with heat and flavor of Sichuan pepper and burnt garlic, it went off the table in a dash.


The Sweet & Spicy Lotus Stems were equally good, we took enough time in taking pictures and were expecting the crispness to have gone in all that time but no they were very crisp till the last bite.


For Non Veg starters we had Crispy Fried Lamb and the Sichuan Style Chilly Chicken both very well prepared and totally yummy.


For mains we were served some of Chef Sun’s favorites from  the special menu. He presented us with Mapo Tofu, this was hands down the best silken tofu preparation I have ever tried, the tofu texture was simply put unbelievable.


Next he took pride in feeding us Double Cooked Pork in Dou Ban Jiang Sauce, a complex technique of cooking pork 2 ways for very long time to make it melt in your mouth soft and beautiful, the sauce complemented the tenderness of pork perfectly


Kung Pao Chicken we thought was such a common thing on each menu, but the one prepared by Chef Sun was very very flavorful, it was on another level.


To accompany these proteins we had Stir Fried Noodles and Yang Zhou Fried Rice that had Chicken Shrimp Pork & Ham, both well prepared as everything else.


The meal had a perfect finish with Green Tea Cheese Cake and Chocolate Tart. Yumm !!


If Chinese food is your favorite, head to Baan Tao as this is what will make you fall in love with it all over again.

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team (Pic Credit: Michelle Mahabat)

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