Cafe Toons, MG Road, Pune, India – Burger Fest – 14th-23rd October, 2016

Food Prowl Team

Restaurant Name:
Cafe Toons
Location: 26, Wonderland Basement, M.G. Road, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
Buzz: +91-20-26136879 / +91 9822057885


Café Toons – Burger Fest

Cafe Toons is one of Pune’s oldest pubs operating from the basement of the Wonderland Shopping Complex at M.G. Road since 1996. Supremely popular for the music they play which is mostly rock – lover’s of Pink Floyd, Led Zepellin, The Who, Deep Purple can rejoice! This place plays classic rock!  along with also serving good food and alcoholic drinks especially and more popularly – Beer. One of the only few restaurants in M.G. Road area with a Bar.

Food Prowl Team

ReachOutPr extended an invitation to the Food Prowl Team on behalf of the Owner of Cafe Toons – Mr. Ramesh Khole who graciously hosted us. Chef Brij Gangaramani has curated all the Burgers for the this fest.


Burger Fest starts from 14th to 23rd October 2016.  The special menu for the fest includes 7 Non Veg and 5 Veg Burgers, they have Fish, chicken and lamb options for non veg and Aloo Tikki, Mushroom, Cottage Cheese and Corn Spinach options for vegetarians.


We got to taste these and found them to be quite impressive in terms of flavor combinations, quality, portion size and value for money. All the Burgers are named after the Rock Classics and are served with Fries and sauce which is different for each burger served. The price range is from ₨. 130/- to Rs.220/- which I believe is pretty darn good for what they are serving.


We were served almost all the Non Veg Burgers on the Burger Fest Menu and the unanimous favorite was The Californication – Mustard Fish Burger. It had grain mustard marinated and Crumb Fried River Sole Fish and was served with Salsa Bell Peppers, Jalapeno Relish and Fries. The crisp crumb and the soft fish gave it a beautiful texture and the flavor of mustard was just perfect.


Hotel California a Miso Glazed Fish Burger, Grilled fish with WASABI mayo. So if you like Wasabi there is nothing you should look at, if you are thinking what is wasabi don’t opt for this especially if you do not like any spicy stuff. The good thing is the balance of Wasabi in mayo is at a bearable level as it sure gives the zing but mellows down in a bit so you can go for another bite. If you are looking to play a prank on someone, make them eat this and have your running shoes on, we surely had a lot of fun with this and ordered a repeat.


For those who swear by chicken they have got the House Special CEE TEE, it has all that one likes in a burger and more; Chicken Steak, Fried Egg, Cheese and 2 Crisp Onion Rings. Yeah! it is a huge burger which is served with a spicy Chipotle Mayo, coleslaw and fries.


The Thriller is a 3 Pepper Grilled Chicken Burger and is hot and spicy; it has chicken grilled in red green and black peppers with cheese.


The third chicken option is for those who like Alcohol in food and Jack Daniels enthusiasts – Ace of Spades; a drunk chicken with 2 types of cheese and JD BBQ sauce, enough said.


In Lamb they have The Sandman a Pulled Lamb Burger; lamb cooked in teriyaki sauce and was very tender, served with prawn crackers.


The other one was Bohemian Rhapsody – Sloppy Joe’s, this was the classic ground meat with caramelized onions and a southern sauce.

If Burgers, Beer and Classic Rock is your type of thing, head right away to Cafe Toon’s and enjoy!

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