Brugge La Chocolaterie, Dhole Patil Road, Pune, India

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team

Brugge La Chocolaterie
is a three storey haven for chocolate lovers in Pune. Founded by Mr. Shabbir Kanorewala way back in 2007 it recently moved into a swanky premises at Dhole Patil Road. With over 50 different varieties of Chocolates and Desserts – Brugge La Chocolaterie is a MUST visit place those with a sweet tooth.


The Food Prowl Team was invited for the launch of the “Luxe Collection”, a premium assortment of Belgian Chocolates.


The Luxe Box comes in an all new packaging using bold black and gorgeous florescent green as its signature colours to give you the perfect box of luxury chocolates. The Luxe Collection contains 5 variants of chocolate that are designed to tantalize and delight your taste buds in different ways using their unique region specific flavors.

“The Luxe Collection combines the finest ingredients, unmatched flavours and superior packaging to create the perfect luxury gift to indulge yourself, your loved ones and your business partners as well.  – Shabbir Kanorewala, Brugge Founder.

The 5 flavours are:

Riviera Raspberry:

Rich and dark cocoa from Peru blended with French Raspberry to form a sinful ganache.

Lemon Heaven:

Chocolate made from fresh Mediterranean Lemon blended with 65% Peru chocolate.

Arabian Delight:

The flavours of the Middle East with Arabian coffee beans blended with 70% Uganda chocolate and crushed roasted coffee beans.

Caramel Caress:

Delicious sea salt caramel blended with 32% Vanuatu milk chocolate.

Bourbon Rush:

75 % Bourbon blended with rich dark chocolate and fresh vanilla ganache.

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team with Mr. Muffadal Kanorewala

“It is a premium offering from Brugge La Chocolaterie after 5 years of intense research in customer taste as well as the fusion of various exotic ingredients to create the perfect chocolate… befittingly called the Luxe Collection.”
– Mufaddal Kanorewala, Brugge Founder.


The ‘Luxe Collection’ was launched by Mrs. India (1st runner up) Farah Anwar.


For all those who would like to have their hands on these sinful delights should pay a visit to Brugge La Chocolaterie.


*Mrs. India (1st Runner Up) – Farah Anwar – Photo Courtesy – ReachOutPR
*Some Excerpts taken from the Press Release for Brugge La Chocolaterie

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