Bistro – Marriott Suites, Mundhwa Annex – ‘Cuisines of Naples’ (11th August, 2016 – 21st August, 2016)

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team

Restaurant Name:
Bistro – Marriott Suites
Location: 81, Mundhwa Annex,  Pune, Maharashtra 411001.
Buzz: +91-9158001415
Contact Person: Mr. Rohit Awate
Photos Credit: Varun Khanna


Enjoy a plateful of Naples at Bistro, Marriott Suites Pune

Also known as the ‘Soul of Italian Food’ Naples is claimed as the home to authentic Pizza! However, the cuisine has a lot more to offer than just a pizza. Rich in history, art, traditions and culture, this city has its own distinct cuisine and Marriott Suites located at Koregaon Park, Pune is all set to present a plateful of Naples at its renowned restaurant Bistro from Thursday, August 11th.


Titled as ‘Cuisines of Naples’, this cuisine would be served in an a la carte style all day long that is from 11am to 11pm between 11th August and 21st August 2016 at the hotel. Chef Cristian CabreraChef De Cuisine of the most popular restaurant ‘Fratelli Fresh’ from Hotel Renaissance, Mumbai will be bringing this delicious bonanza for the foodies in the town.


Neapolitan cuisine was influenced by Arab, Norman, Spanish and French only to form a unique combination of half-sophisticated and half-folk cuisine. With all the flavors from sun, soil and sea this cuisine has something for everyone.


Neapolitans are just as passionate about their cuisine as any other Italian. Their cooking style aims to preserve all the natural flavors and fragrances and thus emphasizes on the use of fresh ingredients.


‘Cuisines of Naples’ will bring some delectable dishes for the foodies. Chef Cristian Cabrera recommends rich Mussels Soup Napolitano and Crunchy Prawns Caesar Salad or Quinoa and capo Natta salad to start with. One can then relish on the Tenderloin Carpaccio which is just melt in your mouth delicacy. Another delicacy would be Lamb shanks in Barolo Red wine and Rosemary Potatoes.


There would also be varieties of pastas for pasta lovers including a range of delicious Broccoli Pasta, Spaghetti vongole a lle Napolitano or Stuffed Pasta like Homemade Orecchiette Salsiccia. Patrons can also enjoy various Pizzas and Calzones. A perfect to end such a flavorsome dinner can be Cannoli an authentic dessert of the region.


So, come to Bistro to relish on authentic Neapolitan Dinner with your near and dear ones to make your taste buds say “Delizioso”.


 (Above extract has been taken from the emailer sent by Marriott Suites)

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team