About Food Prowl:

Food Prowl is an Online Food Review and Consulting Platform established on 6th May 2015. It is a congregation of 15 like minded foodies passionate about food and recognized for their food expertise in the restaurant as well as foodie community of Pune. 

Website: www.foodprowl.com/
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/foodprowl/
Instagram: @FoodProwl (21.5k+ Followers)
Facebook Group: Pune Food Bloggers Guild (6000+ members and growing by the day, since it’s launch in April’16)
YouTube Channel: Food Prowl

With effect from 1st January, 2019, Food Prowl DOES NOT accept any food tasting invitations from PR/Social Media Agencies. Food Prowl does not approach any restaurants for food tastings invites nor involve itself in any promotions for the restaurants. We will ONLY accept food tasting invites if the restaurant approaches us directly and are keen to have genuine and constructive feedback related to their food and service. We also DO NOT accept any invitations to be a part of of any BLOGGERS TABLES nor accept any invitations for Launch Parties.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Food Prowl does not involve itself in Restaurant Promotions. Food Tasting invites should solely be for the purpose of constructive feedback. It is at the discretion of Food Prowl to post about the food and drinks served as a part of the Food Tasting in which case the review will be posted only on the Food Prowl website and individual blogs/instagrams of the members attending the tastings. We do not post reviews on any other third party food platforms like Zomato, Tripadvisor etc.

2. Food Prowl DOES NOT CHARGE restaurants any money for food tastings within the jurisdiction of Pune/PCMC. All expenses for travel as well are borne by the Food Prowl Team. 

3. Restaurant Owner(s)/Chef or a Senior Member of the Restaurant Management has to be mandatorily be available for the feedback during the Food Tasting. Food Tasting feedback will be based on Food and Drinks served, service, hygiene and overall hospitality of the restaurant. The portion sizes of the dishes served, preparation and presentation should be exactly as it is being served to customers on daily basis. If any dish not on the menu is being served we need to be informed.

4. The dishes to be served at the food tasting are to be decided by the restaurant management. We have a zero wastage policy, therefore all dishes served must be sufficient for the tasting panel but not excessive.

5. Food Prowl DOES NOT charge any monies for the Restaurant to use any photographs clicked by our members however, it is mandatory for the restaurant to take prior permission from the Food Prowl Team Member(s) to use the photos on social media or print media and also give due credit to Food Prowl and its Team Member(s) for the same. Food Prowl has always obliged restaurants who have sort our permission. Food Prowl logo is a registered trademark; prior approval needs to be taken to use our logo for any social media or print media posts. We will consider legal action if our logo is used without our approval for any promotions on social media or otherwise.

7. Food Prowl Team Members will NEVER request for any discounts if they visit the restaurant on their personal account for dining at any time. If any member does solicit for discounts or any individual claiming they are representing Food Prowl and requesting discounts, please contact Ritesh Tiwari, Founder via email: ritesh@foodprowl.com immediately.

8. Food Prowl DOES NOT attend any food tasting events which restrict only certain members of our team to be present. Our entire team will be a part of the food tasting event depending on their availability. No other Food Bloggers/Reviewers apart from the members of the Food Prowl Team are allowed at the scheduled time of the Food Tasting. The Food Tasting has to be Exclusive for Food Prowl at the scheduled time.

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