Wood Fire Grill, Kothrud, Pune

Food Prowl Team with Wood Fire Grill Management
Team Food Prowl – 1st Row (L-R) – Ritesh Tiwari, Priyanka Anand, Aditya Gokhale, Abhishek Ramgadia / 2nd Row (R-L) Sankalp Parihar, Michelle Mahabat, Varad Wazarkar, Vitasta Abrol, Megha Chhatbar, Chinmayi Bhambure / 3rd Row – Satwik Shetty / 4th Row (L-R) – Chetan Bhamare, Sachin Bhamare – Owners, Wood Fire Grill

WoodFireGrill is the latest addition to the ever growing food landscape of Pune. An interaction between our Food Prowl Team Member – Nikhil Vidyasagar who co ordinated for us with the owner – Mr. Sachin Bhamare resulted with FoodProwl having it’s 1st Exclusive Food Tasting Event for Wood Fire Grill.

Wood Fire Grill - 1

The Restaurant has 3 big terraces for open air seating and an indoor seating. The outdoor seating also has a Barbecue arrangement. The tables have a water sprinklers surrounding it and the beautiful blue lights make the ambiance ideal to enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable meal.


Since this was a Food Tasting Event a host of dishes were laid out on the table for us to savor.


Murg Badami Shorba: Flavorful Soup with a garnish of Almond Slivers.

Veg. and Non Veg. Starters:

1. Creamy Prawns: Hint of Butter and Garlic combined with Cream made this very delicious.

Creamy Prawns
2. Prawns Kurkure:  Deep Fried Crispy Prawns which were batter coated which was fused with Rice Flakes. This was quite innovative and one of the MUST haves on the menu.

Kurkure Prawns 2
3. Sunahare Prawns: Crispy Friend Sauteed Prawns served with Green Chutney. Great Consistency.
5. Murg Zafrani Kebab: Boneless Chicken Breast well marinated in hung yogurt and with a hint of saffron. Very Soft and Succulent.
6. Murg Lasooni Dahi Kebab: A blend of Tender Chicken marinated in Garlic and topped with Curd was a winning combination.
7. Murg Rozali Kebab: Tender Grilled Chicken stuffed with Chicken Kheema,.
8. Murg Angara Kebab: Chicken pieces nicely marinated with ginger and chilies and balanced on the spice level.

Murg Angara Kebab 1
9. Bombil Koliwada: BombayDuck deep fried in Rice flour. Crispy and perfect accompaniment while having a few pegs 😉
10. Bombil Rawa Fry: Deep Fried in Rawa, nice consistency.
11. Paneer Makhmali Kebab: Stuffed with shreds of Paneer and Capscicum and marinated in hung curd. A treat for veg. lovers.

Main Course:

1. Prawns Malwani Curry: Prepared in Coconut Milk, it was balanced on the spice level and went along well with Rice.
2. King Fish Kalwan: Surmai pieces cooked in Malwani style with perfectly blended spices.
3. Murg Lababdar: Boneless Chicken prepared in hung curd. Very creamy and non spicy.
4. Paneer Lazeez: Thick Gravy with finely chopped capsicum and chunks of Paneer with garnish of fenugreek. This was an absolute tasty preparation. One of the best dishes tasted.
5. Murg Dum Biryani: Quite a large portion of Biryani served, sufficient for at least 3 people. The spices were well blended and the chicken pieces were tender.

Murg Dum Biryani 2


1. Gajar Halva: A perfectly balanced Halwa, not very sweet.

Gajar Ka Halwa 2
2. Gulab Jamuns: There is hardly any scope to go wrong with this one, perfectly balanced on sweetness.

Gulab Jamuns 1

Overall a very satisfying experience. With the cool wind blowing and the open door barbecue, Wood Fire Grill has the perfect set up to be the next favorite hangout for Puneites.

Food Prowl Team

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