Zaheer Khan’s Dine Fine, Viman Nagar, Pune, India – Asian Bowl Menu

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team

Restaurant Name:
Zaheer Khan’s Dine Fine
Location: S 53-54, Phoenix Market City, Nagar Road, Viman Nagar, Pune.
Buzz: +91-20-66547788

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team

Zaheer Khan’s New Menu – Asian Bowl

The very well known Zaheer Khan’s after serving home turf Mughlai food for years has decided to take a foreign tour by introducing an Asian menu. Food Prowl Team was invited for a Food Tasting and feedback session for this new Chindian spread they are introducing. A number of dishes hit a good length sweet spot and some remained a little wide of the stumps. With little more efforts and tweaking few recipes this should become a decent option to try other than your regular Chindian favorite restaurants.


The tasting fixed menu we tried, had all the common favorite and famous Asian dishes. Our meal started with Manchow Soup and Wonton Soup.


Both soups were decent as most places, spicy manchow with crispy noodles and clear wonton soup with vegetables in broth and delicate wontons, the broth in our opinion could have used some more chicken stock flavoring. Along the soup we were served Vegeterian and Chicken Dimsums.


The Vegetarian Dimsums were very good, we would have liked a little thinner covering on for the Chicken Dimsums.


Once done with the soup, appetizers were served. Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce was a drool worthy preparation, nicely seasoned succulent chicken on stick with a very yummy peanut sauce on the side, one of the best in Pune.


There was one not so common starter on Wonton in Sichuan Chilly Oil Dressing; this was a very nice dish, simplicity of wontons with yummy Sichuan flavoring and another dimension from chilly oil.


We also liked the Schezwan Prawns, nice crisp fried big prawns in a spicy schezwan sauce, it was swooped off the plate in a giffy.


We also had Schezwan Lollipop which were the usual ones, nothing exceptional and Sticky Garlic Chicken Balls these were dry on the inside, needed more sauce.


In mains we had Chicken Teriyaki that had all the right flavors and textures.


Chicken in Black Bean Sauce was a regular preparation.


Red Thai Curry was very good had right flavors and went well with steamed rice.


Chicken preparations we had with Hakka Noodles and Pan Fried Noodles, both well cooked. 15-pan-fried-noodles

They also served few one portion meals like Khow Suey and Pad Thai.


Both have made their way on many Pune Menu’s but Khow Suey other than the usual condiments should also be served with boiled egg that I found here only, though to my preference it had little less coconut milk flavor, but that could be a personal thing.


The Pad Thai had more like a Chinese sauce flavor, it should have been more sweet and sour from use of tamarind, palm sugar, and fish sauce flavoring was less.


For desserts we had Fresh Fruits with Cream and Sizzling Brownie.


Overall it was a decent meal, but with few  revisions and tweaks it can become a very appealing Chindian restaurant. Its still early days and I am sure they will focus on improving the fare and take all the feedback from patrons in right stride and hit a perfect yorker soon.

We thank Ms. Alifya Khan for hosting us and Ms. Heena Bhat Ray for extending the invite on behalf of ZK’s to us.

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