The Bar and Eatery, Koregaon Park, Pune, India


Restaurant Name: The Bar and Eatery
Location: Shop 3 Power Plaza Lane 7 Koregaon Park
Buzz: +91 8600190601
Contact Person(s): Mr. Jeevnit Singh Chawla (Mickey) / Mr. Pawan Nandwani


Just when I thought that, finally I have almost covered all the new places and must try places Pune has to offer here’s a pleasant surprise and a correction statement from The Bar and Eatery – “Picture Abhi Baki Hain Mere Dost”.


This place really took me by a pleasant surprise with the brilliant food with a twist, quirky cocktails, great service, and a lot many things that I have never really tried before.


Food Prowl Team was invited to The Bar and Eatery for food and cocktail tasting.


After the warm welcome by the Owners – Mr. Jeevnit Singh Chawla (Mickey) and Mr. Pawan Nandwani who also own the famous Burger joint in the Koregoan Park – Burger Barn, we were handed out the menu which was specially curated for this tasting session. One glance at the menu and I was sure that this was going to be one hell of night and marathon tasting session.


Here’s all that we tired and I would like to highlight some of my favorite and most loved dishes and cocktails.

Soups (Tasters): tomato-basil-soup-food-prowl– Tomato Basil Mozzarella: Tomato basil soup was pretty thick in consistency and had brilliant flavor of basil to it. The twist of adding thick mozzarella cheese at the bottom and hot soup poured on to it pushed this to another level altogether.


 – Bacon, Beer, Cheese with Chicken: The moment you hear “Bacon/Beer/Cheese/Chicken” you are already anticipating something amazing and all of it together I must say hat’s off to the chef and owners who worked on getting this right. Strong and prominent flavor of smoked bacon strips and pork chunks and generous amount of chicken with hints of cheese and beer. Perfect dish to start off and in this season it cannot get better.


I love my salads in whatever combinations they are served, here we had two options to try out:


– Paneer Mushroom and Corn Salad: I found this pretty decent (had this after the non-veg option). The combination of veggies, paneer corn and mushroom worked well and the dressing was also pretty good. Nice crunch from the veggies especially the lettuce and corn and balanced mushiness from the mushroom and good bite from small chunks of paneer.


– Asian Tenderloin Salad: Star of the evening had strips of beef tenderloin marinated beautifully. It had both spicy and sweetish taste from the variety of different sauces in the dressings. Well cooked noodles paired with tenderloin is a must have for beef lovers and people who wish to try starting out with beef this is a good thing to start with.

Non-Veg Appetizers:


– Buffalo Chicken Wings: Personally would have liked this to be a bit more spicy as it was served with blue cheese dip. A little more spice would have balanced out well with the blue cheese combination.


– Teriyaki Chicken: Nicely done and served on mini skewers. Good flavor of the sauces and chicken was cooked very well.


– Salmon & Cream Cheese Bruschetta: One of favorites. Delicate strips of smoked salmon with a combination of cream cheese, some herbs and black olive. Very subtle to almost no additional flavor of condiments kept the taste of salmon the way you would expect it to be. Welcoming change to the palate too.

Veg Appetizers:


Garlic & Oregano Mushrooms, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks and Ultimate Fries: Tasted very small servings and portions of these (for obvious reasons VEG) and nothing felt out of place in any of these. The Ultimate Fries need special mention as they looked beautiful and wonderful cheesy coating.




– BBQ Bacon Mega Cheese Burger: Absolute must have. Soft bun with juicy beef patty with cheese and huge salty, crispy bacon strips. This was so good that I requested for one more serving of just the patty and bacon strips. Not to be missed for beef and bacon lovers.



– Pesto Sauce Penne Pasta: Pesto sauce was made in-house topped with generous shavings of cheese. Good flavor profile and very colorful presentation.


– Spaghetti Bolognese: Yet again a must have for beef lovers cheese, minced beef tossed in tomato sauce. Very strong and welcoming flavor of beef. Amazing dish.

Main Course:


– The Trifecta Steak: Very few places can boast of such a huge spread of beef dishes. For the steak purists, the steak was done medium rare in mushroom sauce and topped with small portion of mash and cherry tomatoes.


– Butter Chicken/Dal Makhni: Both were served like a mini meal (soft paratha, rice, papad, and salad). Good option for someone looking for a quick meal. Decent portion size. The menu boasts of quite a few all time favorite Indian dishes also to try out as well.




– Drunken Serradurra: One of the highlighted and special desserts at The Bar and Eatery also famously known by its other popular name Sawdust Pudding. The Bar and Eatery version was a pudding with rum and coffee with generous coating of Marie Biscuit dust. Brilliant dessert.


– Baked Yoghurt: Served in pot coated with hard thick layer of caramelized sugar. Nice creamy and very thick consistency (had an aftertaste of the famous Bengali delicacy Sondesh). Portion size huge and enough to two.



– Paan Shot: Welcome drink served in shot glasses. Fiercely potent with vodka and pan flavors (not sweet). Loved it.


– Mai Tai Pitcher, The Zombie Maker, Watermelon Lemon Beer Cocktail and off the menu Naughty Barbie: As I was going to drive back home just had tasters of all the cocktails. I must say pretty wonderful mixes and good amount of alcohol in all the cocktails. Good colorful presentation. Going to go next time just for the cocktails.


All in all a wonderful food and cocktail tasting session. Interesting interaction with the owners, chef, and the whole team talking about the history, the hard work behind getting the menu and everything in place.


The Bar and Eatery is the hidden gem of Koregaon Park, quite underrated but definitely packs a punch.


The Bar and Eatery, Koregaon Park, Pune, India | Food Prowl – The Hunger Stories

Photos Credit: Priyanka Anand