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Food Prowl Team | Tangy Affair


Restaurant Name: Tangy Affair
Location: 4th Floor, Ozone Mall, Above Crossword,, Anand Park, ITI Rd, Anand Park, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007
Buzz: +91-72190 00726
Contact Person: Ms. Shweta Fasatey (Owner)
Visit Date: 6th April, 2016

Tangy means having a piquant flavor. True to it’s name this place does appeal in it’s pleasantly sharp taste. The latest entrant in the mushrooming restaurant hub of Aundh and owned by a young entrepreneur – Shweta Fasatey, a Business Analyst by profession but her love and passion for food made her foray into the restaurant business.


The location is bang on, above the popular and one of the oldest malls in Aundh – The Ozone Mall. The restaurant has it’s own separate lift and there are attendants to usher you in and show you the way to the restaurant. The restaurant is brightly lit and pretty neat with it’s ambiance. A seating currently for 50-60 ppl but can be easily increased to 100-120 people. The place looks quite lively as much as the owner herself who seems to be a very enthusiastic person flipping in and out of the kitchen and ensuring that the guests are well taken care off.

Food Prowl Team was invited for a Food Tasting Session and there was a fixed menu pre-decided by the restaurant and handed over to us as soon we sat at the table.

First to arrive on the table were the Mocktails. Interestingly named, well presented and different that the run a bloc Mocktails available generally in many restaurants in Pune.



Dancing Girl: Topped with Coconut Cream and a syrup which tasted more like “Kala Khattha” at the bottom it was a unique combination. Not really something that would suit everyone’s taste buds and the syrup and coconut cream did not mix completely. We did recommend to work on this one but overall it still tasted well.


Strawberry Delight: A well made Mocktail, well balanced on sweetness. The strawberry flavor was not very overpowering which actually made it enjoyable.

Blue Mountain: Made with Blue Curacao this Mocktail was one of the best amongst all. Perfectly balanced on sweetness.


Cranberry Cooler: Easily the winner of the evening. Served chilled and delightful. Again, perfectly balanced on sweetness.


Ice Tea: Okay, so we did recommend the name to be changed to “Ice Tea with Cola” as there was a cola mixed with the Ice Tea. Tasted good and would be enjoyed if it is served thoroughly chilled.

Next up were the soups that were much required after having so many Mocktails. It was time to get our throats washed off the sugar.


Tangy Affair Supreme: A Veg Soup that was absolutely flavorful. An absolute winner. It was on the lines of the Thukpa sans the noodles but undoubtedly this is a MUST have even if you are non-vegetarian lover.


Sikkimese Thukpa: A flavorful non veg chicken soup with Vermicelli. The only feedback here was the vermicelli quantity needs to be reduced, I had about 3 spoons of it left when I finished the soup. Nevertheless, the taste was not hindered.

 After the soups it was time for Salads and a lot of health freaks in our team were delighted to see them on the table.

Salad 2

Pineapple Salad and Melon Mint both fruit based salads and were relished.

Salad 1

Sprouts Salad: It was a tad too spicy for some. We recommended the spice factor be toned down.

Salad 3

Now comes the part which I await with absolutely childlike excitement every time I visit a food tasting session or go out to eat in general. The Starters and that too Indian Starters, they are my all time favorites always.

Veg Starters 1

Makhmali Tikka: A paneer based tikka was well balanced in spices. The Paneer could have been a tad softer but overall well done.

Veg Starters 2

Dastan – E – Kumbh: A mushroom based starter always raises my eyebrows for two reasons – I am not a mushroom fan and secondly it is a challenge to make a good mushroom dish. Tangy Affair nailed it on this one. This was by far one of the best mushroom starters I have had in long.


Tangy Affair Special Raan: Here cometh the WINNER of the Day! One of the best Raan preparations I’ve tasted in Pune. This one is MUST have but yes you have to pre-order it.

Non Veg Starters 1

Chicken Cheese Kebab:  Originally named as Chicken Cotton Kebab on the menu, I prefer not to call it that way as cotton is a little bit of a misnomer. Chicken and Cheese both being my favorites I was happy to see this one on my plate. The taste was alright but the coating was tad too thick and the cheese I would have been happier if it would have oozed out of the kebab on the first bite. A little working recommended on this and I’m pretty sure it would be a hit.

Non Veg Starters 2

Tausi Prawns: Tausi or Taosi is mainly a black bean sauce popular in Philippines. The prawns were crisp to my liking and the dish overall was enjoyable.

The starters done it was time for the main course.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka Masala: Flavorsome and the spices well balanced. The Paneer pieces were soft and the gravy absolutely tasty. This is a recommended dish for Vegetarians.

Mutton Kheema

Kheema Pav: Mutton Kheema never tasted this good for me as this one. I never like the idea of having too much peas in the Kheema and thankfully this had none. The Pav was fresh and soft and it made the affair really amazing. Kheema Pav lovers need to try this one out.

Murg M 1

Murg Musallam: The name actually is recommended to be changed. This was a good dish with roasted chicken served along with rice and a medium spicy gravy but it was not Murg Musallam by any means. The dish by itself was satisfactory but a name change will be quite good as it is deceptive.

The Grand Finale came with the desserts being served.

Supreme Alaska

Supreme Alaska: A fruit based dessert in whipped cream, this one could do with more fruits.

Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda: Absolutely Rocking this one, perfectly balanced on sweetness, the base was not very hard and everything about this dessert was masterclass. One of the best I’ve had in Pune and highly recommended to the people with a sweet tooth.

Fruit Sundae

Fruit Sundae: A fruit based dessert again and tasted nice.

Overall it was a very good experience in terms of taste, service and the each item on the menu had immaculate presentation which was very appealing.

Tangy Af

We had a feedback session with the Owner and the Chef at the end and they took into stride our recommendations with a smile. A very positive and enthusiastic team, Tangy Affair is determined to stay here for long.