Do the Stew! Food Review: Stew Art, Kothrud, Pune

Stew Art
Stew Art | Food Prowl | Pune Food Blog

FoodView: Stew Art
Address: Shop 10, Sheshadri Apartments, Rambaug Colony, Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune
Contact Persons: Mr. Hemant Thite and Mrs. Sayali Hemant Thite
Cuisine: European, Mediterranean
Visit Date: 02/10/2015 Time: 2:00 PM

It seems even the God’s were happy that they made it rain just when we decided to try out the hot stews at Stew Art. It couldn’t have been a more perfect set up!

Stew Art
Stew Art | Rocky & Mayur | Food Prowl | Pune Food Blog


As soon as you walk into Stew Art, a cosy little place in a quiet and serene bylane you are greeted by a picture of Rocky and Mayur from the famous FoodMad Show, almost saying – “We have been here, what took you so long to come!”

Hemant and Sayali Thite, the gracious owners of the food outlet lend a personal touch to the customer service and a sheer joy to meet!


Our Stew Story started with some starters:

Honey Roast Chicken – I’m actually not a big honey fan but this starter which I ordered twice was most likable for me.

Butter Garlic Chicken – This was good, nothing really to write about much and the Honey Roast Chicken had already overpowered by taste buds.

Spanish Garlic Mushrooms – Since I probably just had a small piece, can’t comment much on it as I’m not a Mushroom lover at all. But I guess some of my fellow foodies did like it.

The Story then came to it’s main climax which was the Stews, Yes exactly what we had come for. Since we were 6-7 people it meant that we needed to order an equal amount of stews:

– Hungarian Goulash
– American Gumbo
– Herb Chicken Stroganoff
– Stew Neri
– Moroccan Stew

The Story ended with the complimentary Fruit Stew, a unique stew with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and pieces of Apples

I’m not sure if I missed out any, of course, I did have only the Herb Chicken Stroganoff, which was absolutely perfect for me as I had asked for something with good portion of chicken and Voila! there it was!

Ambiance wise Stew Art is a neat and tidy with it’s 4 tables and the walls decorated with some posters educating people about the Art of Stew!

Service: Not really an issue, they have a couple of servers who pretty much get the job done.

Stew Art | Food Prowl | Pune Food Blog | Foodies

1st Row – L-R: 
Varun Khanna, Priyanka Anand, Sayali Hemant Thite
2nd Row – R-L: Satwik Shetty, Michelle Mahabat, Shubra Varun Khanna
3rd Row – L-R: Nitali Tadkalkar, Hemant Thithe, Ritesh Tiwari, Ameya Joshi


Overall I would have rated Stew Art 4.0 on the basis of the food experience which many would agree. The additional 1 point is for the below mentioned reasons I personally felt is well deserved.

– It takes great conviction and belief to start a restaurant with a menu that consists primarily of Stews! The concept itself is a winner, whether it is a winner commercially that only the owners might know but to start something different from the regular run of the mill restaurants is a bold step and to keep it running for I believe last couple of years since they started is truly commendable.

– In my conversation with Hemant, I was very honest to tell him that ratings would’nt really matter for Stew Art. Stews will not find a “mass” appeal in Pune or in India per se for long as it has never been an integral part of the Indian Cuisine or Food Industry. Many might write it off as not worth the money especially may be college teens or traditional locals, many who probably and especially have traveled abroad much may just fall in love with it. Stews will only and certainly draw a very niche crowd as of now.

– Not jumping on the Franchisee Bandwagon as yet even though they do have the opportunity and capability to do so. They are more focused on improving the current dishes and adding new ones to the menu.

A concept like Stew Art really will need time to find a mass appeal but hopefully with Hemant and Sayali will have their creative caps on every day on how to make Stews a popular and healthy food option over a period of time! Kudos to the idea, wishing it Good Luck and Great Success for the future!

Definitely Two Thumbs Up! Do the Stew!

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