Rhubarb, Aundh, Pune

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team

Restaurant Name:
Location: Seasons Rd, Sanewadi, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra – 411007.
Buzz: +91- 9075012051
Contact Person: Amogh Prasad

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team with the Owners of Rhubarb – Chef Amogh Prasad and Sharayu Almelkar

A whiff of freshness is something only very few new restaurants exude. Of so many that open all around us, Rhubarb is a very noteworthy newcomer and simply put you will come out of this place with a big smile of satisfaction.


I judge a place less by its assets and infrastructure and more by the confidence and clarity of purpose a Chef shows and its translation into the food served. Chef Amogh Prasad  and Sharayu Almelkar, the owners of Rhubarb have scored a bulls eye. They are very clear on the kind of food that has to be served at Rhubarb. It’s not any fixed cuisine or done to death recipes, the food here is cooked with local and fresh produce straight from a farm they have partnered with. So, get ready to taste a lot of experimental food and even though they are just a couple of months old, an all new summer menu is getting ready to be introduced soon.


Food Prowl Team was invited for a food tasting and it was our utmost pleasure to be treated to such terrific food.

04a Ribs

We had to pursue Chef Amogh to not let this magical 12 Hour Pork Ribs go off the menu when they introduce the summer menu. Some exceptions must be there when it’s as good as these ribs are.

04 Ribs

Soaked in sugarcane molasses for 12 hours and then slow cooked in Korean Chilies’ for another long session, to quote my foodie friend Kainaaz Bokdawalla“These Pork Ribs are good enough reason to drive down to Aundh no matter how far you stay.”

01 Duck Salad

And like the pork all recipes have the Chef’s imprints on them, the awesome Duck & Beetroot Salad which had a interesting combination of ingredients and flavors that made our one table finish 3 bowls.

08 Chicken

The Year of Rooster chicken if all in house Schezwan sauce, that was no way like the standard ones served at dozens of Chinese places, and had such pleasant flavors.

07 Pasta

Homemade Pasta was fresh sheets of pasta tossed with cherry tomatoes, few greens and nuts. The quality and texture of that pasta was just perfect and we wanted more.

06 Sweet Potatoes

And I hadn’t thought of this one ever –Black Pepper Sweet Potatoes, and yes the combination worked very well.

02a Baked Cheese

We had a bowl of Baked Cheese that was served with a sharp Olive Jam and Melba Toasts, it was overdose of cheese for me, and I suggest for a table of 4 to share this one.

02 Baked Cheese

03 Croquettas

I also learnt about Lamb Croquettas served here, and how one vowel differentiates this Spanish dish from the more famous French Croquettes, the texture of the stuffing was very different in these it was more pasty and meaty.

05 Bread

12 Cleanser

And in between courses we were served very refreshing palate cleansers, a Watermelon, Strawberry and Spearmint flavored and another had Rhubarb, Guava and Apple Cider.

09 Pannacotta

Desserts didn’t stay away from the overall vibe either. The Spearmint Pannacotta with Fresh Strawberry Jam and Lemon Curd topped with diced strawberries and a meringue stick, this was a spellbinding experience for taste buds, the fresh spearmint flavor from Pannacotta, sweetness from jam and the sour notes coming from the lemon curd, together played a symphony of flavors, no one kept the glass down till it was wiped clean, and then we picked another one. This winter special is not to be missed while its available. But if you miss it I am sure there will be a worthy replacement out there for sure.

Chocolate Cake

10 Cake

Chocolate Cake

10a Cake

Home Made Chocolates

11 Chocolate

Rhubarb is a sheer delight. This is culinary art at it’s best. A must visit for all food lovers.

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