Picantos Mexican Grill, Aundh, Pune – New Menu Launch


Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team



Restaurant Name: Picantos Mexican Grill
Location: 1st Floor, Darpan Apartment, DP Road, Opp. Bank of Maharashtra, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411027
Buzz: +91-95955 85522
Contact Person(s): Ms. Uma Badve & Ms. Shruti Agarwal
Visit Date: 18th May, 2016

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team

Picantos – New Menu Launch

Picantos is not a place that needs much introduction to Pune’s food lovers. A venture started by two friends – Uma Badve and Shruti Agarwal they identified one big gap in Pune’s food scene – Mexican Food. They are the first standalone Mexican restaurant of Pune, and all of us have liked most of their specialities be it the Burritos or the Enchiladas. The owners sensed that the menu although liked by most patrons was getting monotonous, so decided to add a full fledged new menu to the existing one.


Food Prowl team was invited to taste the new menu and share feedback on the final adjustments to be made to the dishes to make them a hot seller. With few minor tweaks, the menu is all set to add a new dimension to what Picantos already has to offer and it something for everyone, healthy salads, soups, starters and saving best for the last new menu features some amazing pulled pork dishes.


They have launched 2 new salads – Beetroot Feta Salad and Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad.


People are a little vary of try beetroot, but I am very sure if they try the salad here the inhibition around beetroot will be gone, done in a classic vinaigrette dressing salad had thinly sliced beetroot, radish, peanuts and loads of rucola with fresh feta cheese, this was a very fresh and flavorful preparation, we didn’t mind it being a vegetarian option. The chicken salad was also good, it was served with lettuce, boiled eggs and a chilli mustard dressing.


There are 4 appetizers on the new menu – Vegetarian and Pork. Thus it won’t be called biased to meat lovers in any way; rather this section is pro veg. For vegetarian friends they have introduced Stuffed Veg Empanadas – a crisp fried pastry stuffed with carrots beans peppers and potatoes, I would term is as Mexican Samosa 😉 good mix of crunchy veggies with spices.


Cheesy Wedges – humble thick potatoes loaded with cheese sauce and salsa, we liked the toppings but it needs to be consumed before the sauces make the wedges soggy, so pause the gossip and enjoy these first. Considering high demand of Tacos, new menu has 2 new variations with Soft Shell Tacos. In Vegetarian they have nice spicy veggie loaded Peri Peri Potato Tacos and for Non Vegetarian lovers they finally have Pulled Pork Tacos cooked beautifully in BBQ sauce and served with sour cream and fresh salsa (pico de gallo). To simply put the pork was good that we couldn’t stop at one serving and had to ask for another round, smoky sweet tender pork.


Now it might not sound very Mexican but pasta is found on every menu these days to cater to the young ones. So Picantos has also added 3 pastas to the menu all with Penne option – Tomato Chipotle, Creamy Carbonara with Fried Ham and Verde Basil. All 3 were decent preparations but I would pick Verde Basil as my favorite as it was very aromatic and had perfect sauce consistency.


Grilled Paninis are next section that is completely new here, 4 Panini’s with 3 Non Vegeterian options. Vegetarian option has the classic Tomato Basil Mozzarella, the classics in my opinion should not be experimented with and here it has been kept as such simple and yummy without trying anything extra.


The Non Vegetarian options ae BBQ Chicken, Pulled Pork and Cubano. BBQ Chicken is served again traditional way with caramelized onions, tomatoes and mayo. Pulled Pork has the same pork used in the Tacos, not that it tasted different but we all preferred pork in the Tacos more than the Panini simply because in Tacos pork dominated the flavor that was getting a little underplayed by Panini bread. Cubano was the Panini round winner for me, it had Chicken, Ham, Mustard Pickles and Cheese. Personally I prefer cold cut sandwiches with pickles and this just hit the sweet spot for me and checked all the boxes, double layers of ham and extra pickle.


In mains we were introduced to the show stopper of the evening – Chicken Roulade with Mole Sauce.  As known mole sauce is a dark chocolate based sauce, so was this one but its genius was concealed in the 30 odd ingredients that went in with dark chocolate. The taste was very complex, spicy and yummy, and the Chicken Roulade served with it was very well cooked, juicy and tasty as well. It was served with Corn on Cob and Rice but instead of rice I would prefer Side Veggies such that I could taste that mole sauce in every bite. Without doubt this is the best dish from the new menu and highly recommended by us.


For desserts we had Chocolate Mousse and Churros with Chocolate Sauce. Both were very decent desserts and did well in tackling the spiciness of the mole sauce from the mains.


In all for those who like food at Picantos, but do not go often due to limited options, this menu will make sure you visit the place more often and try new flavors. For those who haven’t tried Picantos till now this is the right reason to go there and try their new menu.

Review and Photos by Varun Khanna | Picantos Mexican Grill | Food Prowl – The Hunger Stories