Pune Food Bloggers Guild : Terms and Conditions for Posting in the Group




– Food Posts ONLY for Pune Region. Any posts outside of Pune will be kept or deleted at the discretion of the admins, no warning will be given before deletion of posts. For Goa related posts join – Goa Hunger Stories.

– All posts must be in English language for everyone in the group to understand. We also desist using “Chat”  language. All posts need to be written in proper English only.

Trolling of restaurants / members is not allowed in this group, any member indulging in the same may be removed from the group.

– Posts requesting details of Bloggers/Reviewers or asking them to get in touch for events are strictly not allowed.

– No posts will be allowed for Cooking Classes or any other food/drinks workshops or masterclass.

– The Group only serves as a focal point for Food – Restaurant, Home Chef or Home Cooked. Mention the Name of the Restaurant/Home Chef in the post along with contact details and location. In case of Home Cooked food ensure that it is clearly stated in the post and there is a description of the dish. Only Posting photos are not allowed.

– Selling of food products are not allowed, it will be at the discretion of the admin to keep the post.

– Any advertising regarding selling of restaurant equipment, leasing of restaurant space, requirement of restaurant staff, etc. is not allowed. We are not a classified column nor a recruitment company. 

Making personal jibes at any members, using profane language or posting any obscene photos/gif’s in the group  will result in removal of the member from the group.

Asking for recommendations while sitting in a restaurant is strictly not allowed. Do not waste the time of your fellow members rather call the restaurant manager instead. If you are asking for suggestions for members in advance, make sure you are courteous enough to  say Thank You! to them for their help. Respect your fellow members and their time.

– Any Bloggers Meet that is not endorsed by PFBG cannot be announced in the group.


– Blog Posts can be shared in the group. All Blog Posts shared should have a gist in about 4-5 sentences or more about the post. We recommend copy/pasting some part of the post content and adding READ MORE… with the URL Link. We also have noticed that blog posts links that are just shared do not get too many readers, share the photographs in the group along with the posts for more audience.

– Posting only photographs is not allowed. All Review Posts should have at least 4-5 sentences or more describing including the location and details of the food served.

– NO CHECK-IN posts are allowed in PFBG. Do it on your timeline not here.

– Posting of selfies/group photographs along with the post are not allowed. All Photos should be only related to food and drinks only.

– Primarily all posts should be about food. Alcohol related content that are a part of the food review are Allowed. However, any post with only Alcohol as its content will be at the discretion of the Admin to be allowed.

– Sharing posts from Instagram, Facebook Page, Personal Facebook Timeline or Albums and Video Blog are strictly not allowed. Shares from any third party platform are not allowed. Please take the efforts to post the photos in the group directly rather than apply shortcut methods.

– Do not use excessive and irrelevant hashtags, this is Facebook not Instagram. At the most 5-7 relevant hashtags will be allowed on a post.

– Negative reviews need to be constructive in nature. Bashing and thrashing of a restaurant will not be allowed. Feedback to the Owner/Manager directly is of utmost importance and we would encourage that to be done in person, rather than writing negatively about the restaurant. Admins will keep the post at their discretion, we trust your feedback, but we would really need to hear both sides of the story.

– If the review is regarding a food tasting invite, please use the hashtag #FoodTastingReview at the beginning of your post. The hashtag is not mandatory to be used if you are mentioning in the write up that it was food tasting that you were invited for, but if not, this is the ONLY hashtag eligible to be used. No other hashtag conveying that the review is for food tasting shall be allowed.

– Paid Posts are strictly not allowed. We are completely against Blogger/Reviewers charging money for promoting any restaurant. We will not let our platform be used for your monetary gains. If we do get to know about any such case both the member and restaurant representatives will be removed from the group.

– No outright promotions of your Instagram or Facebook Pages etc. will be allowed. Subtle promotions accompanied with the food review is okay.


– Only 2 posts a day are allowed in the group and each post should have a minimum gap of 12 hours and cannot have the same content. No Instagram / Video Blogs or Facebook Page shares are allowed in the group. Post the creative directly in the group.

– Food Apps companies are not allowed to post their offers. There are too many apps in the market and we will not allow PFBG to be a platform to market any Apps.

– Alcohol, DJ, Ghazal, Comedy, Hookah and any similar posts are not allowed.

– All posts should have minimum 80% content regarding food.

– No Instagram / Video Blogs or Facebook Page shares are allowed in the group.

– Creating or Posting of Events are not allowed in the group.

– Facebook Profiles with brand name will not be allowed to join the group. All posts need to be submitted by the persons profile responsible for the post.

– Posts requesting details of Bloggers/Reviewers or asking them to get in touch for events are strictly not allowed. 

– Restaurant Owners and their Employees will not be allowed to post negative reviews regarding any other restaurant. We will NOT ALLOW MUDSLINGING in the group. If we find any post deliberately influenced directly or indirectly by a Restaurant, the Restaurant will be blacklisted on PFBG and no future posts of any kind will be allowed by the restaurant or any Bloggers/Reviewers. All Restaurants are supposed to follow the unwritten code of not publicly destroy any other restaurants image because what goes around comes around.

– If any restaurant is approached by anyone requesting money for promotions to post in PFBG or any discounts being PFBG members, please bring it to the notice of the admins. PFBG does not endorse paid promotions by Bloggers/Reviewers and neither asking for discounts by using the PFBG Brand Name.

– Restaurants are liable for any posts done by the PR/Social Media agencies they hire. If the agencies they hire do not adhere to the rules of the group, we will hold the restaurant accountable as well for the same and ban all promotions for the restaurants temporarily or permanently.

– If we find any false reviews posted by Restaurants / PR / Social Media agencies to promote a restaurant we will delete the post and remove the members belonging to all respective parties involved.

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