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Restaurant Name: Peshwa
Location: Centriole Mall, Behind Starbucks, ITI Road, Aundh, Pune.
Buzz: +91-8805210001

Peshwa – A Maharashtrian Cuisine Special

After serving Maharashtrian regional cuisine at Dubai for a while, Peshwa has come home to serve delectable Puneri, Malvani, Kolhapuri, Nagpuri Konkani and Goan food to Pune’s food lovers.


There are many simple places that serve maharashtrian cuisine, but then majority of these places are very small and not preferred by family groups. This is where Peshwa stands out, they serve food from across Maharashtra with a nice ambiance at an affordable price point.


Food Prowl Team was invited for a food tasting to try out their Maharashtrian delicacies.

03. kothimbir wadi

We were first served starters that included Kothimbir Wadi which was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, they were perfectly made wadis, served with chutney.

02. karanji

Mini Mutter Karanji was the other vegetarian starter served whicha took our experience to another level. The mashed mutter filling in a very khasta casing served with Imli chutney, it was simply unputdownable.

06. Prawns Chatpata

07. Prawns

Even before we could stop praising the vegetarian starters the non-vegetarian starters appeared on our table.  Prawn Chatpata, tawa masala tossed prawns and Chicken Malwani Tikka, this was a deceptive looking preparation, while it had a calm green coating, but it had green chilli heat in it, and to add more texture and depth the tandoori tikkas were tempered with mustard and curry leaves, very good overall.

05. Chkn Tikka

05. Chkn Tikka

Along with starters we had nice chilled Sol Kadhi, which fortunately had just a hint of sweetness.

01. sol kadhi

From delectable starters we proceeded with the main course – Malvani Surmai Curry was the best of the lot, it had sour and sweet notes in the kokum infused tomato onion curry, it paired perfectly with soft Amboli. One can opt for Bangda and Pomfret as well in all the fish curries.

11. Surmai Curry w amboli a

13. Surmai Curry

12. Surmai Curry w amboli

Chicken Saoji lacked the unbearable heat of Saoji that makes you sweat in one spoon was missing. Even though the dish tasted good the Saoji factor was missing. We did give our feedback to the Management and they ensured us that they will work on it.

08. saoji

The Vegetarian dishes – Bharli Wangi and Varadi Sev Bhaji both were very good.
15. wangi

14. wangi 1

Wangi had hint of sweetness to it with rich masala, while Sev Bhaji was on the spicier side and both very completely flavorful.
10. Sev Bhaji

09. Sev Bhaji 1

18. plated

We were also served Masala Bhaat which was quite flavorful.
16. masale bhaat17. roti After a sumptuous main course, we were served the desserts starting with Kharvas. Peshwa might be one of the few restaurants or perhaps the only one in Pune serving Kharvas. It was flavored with jaggery, cardamom and saffron, simply impeccable.

20. kharvasChikki Icecream is very different from the run of the mill ice cream served in Pune. It is highly recommended.

19. Icecream

Overall, we have a very satisfactory meal and the restaurant is not pricey at all, in fact majority of its dishes have a similarity in pricing to basic eateries, thus it is a very good place to be from every aspect, and going by the occupancy at lunch time, we are confident lot of people are already becoming regulars here.

Special Thanks to Ms. Nidhi Varma and Ms. Arzoo Jain from Hundred Percent Pr for inviting us.

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