TOSS Sports Lounge, Mundhwa, Pune – The Lazy Sunday Brunch

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Restaurant Name:
TOSS Sports Lounge
Address: Zero One Building, Near Passport Office, Mundhwa Road, Koregaon Park Annexe, Mundhwa, Pune, Maharashtra 411001.
Phone: 020 6654 7788
Date: 06/03/2016

A Sports Lounge by the legendary cricketer Zaheer Khan it’s no surprise that it has a name that relates to the game of Cricket, the customary ritual that is associated with the beginning of every match – TOSS. One of a kind sports lounge that is a welcome addition, breath of freshness to the hospitality scenario of Pune.

Memorabilia - TOSS Lounge

Located a wee bit away from the buzzing hospitality hub that Koregaon Park is, TOSS Sports Lounge is an out and out Sports Lounge and has no qualms of being one as every inch of the place has Zaheer Khan’s cricket memorabilia, giant screens showing live matches whether it is Cricket or Football and a massive red ball that glares down the ceiling in all its magnanimity.

TOSS Lounge

With the ever growing culture of Sunday Brunches in Pune, TOSS Sports Lounge has introduced its own Lazy Sunday Lunch. The menu is not very elaborate as many other restaurants serve (which actually to be honest, nobody eats everything anyways) and is meant to be that way. It’s pretty much no nonsense approach, not really boasting of an enormous spread but decent enough to ensure that nobody leaves hungry. Priced reasonably at Rs. 399/+ Applicable Taxes for Buffet with Mocktail and Buffet with Alcoholic Beverages priced at Rs. 799/+ Applicable Taxes.


The Buffet spread includes 1 salad, 4 Starters, Pizzas and Pastas and Dessert.

Lunch started with a very fresh and energetic Tabbouleh Salad that was a nice variation to the traditional Lebanese preparation, this one had bulgur, tomato and parsley for the traditional aspect and had chick peas and bell peppers that added really good texture and taste balance to the salad.

Tabbouleh Salad

Onion Rings were served next and hands down these are the best onion rings we have had in Pune so far. Big and thick onion rings very evenly coated with a crisp layer of golden crumb. I can go back just for these as they would serve as a perfect accompaniment with chilled beer and watch a high energy soccer game. The rings are enjoyable with the variety of dips served.

Onion Rings - TOSS Lounge

Special Chicken Nuggets were panko fried patty sized Nuggets that had cheese and spices inside that gave it a nice variation. Were juicy enough and didn’t feel bland or dry as we reached the center.

Special Chicken Nuggets - TOSS Lounge

Europa Chicken Bruschetta’s were fairly light on the bite that was unusual in a good way. The toppings included Chicken, Cheese and Herbs.

TOSS Lounge

Creole Potato Skins, a tad bit oily and requires some improvement on the flavor which we apprised the Chef about and he agreed to make the necessary amends.

Creole Potato Skins - TOSS Lounge

Pastas had option of Veg/Chicken, Penne/Spaghetti and Alfredo/Arrabiata. We tried Penne Alfredo and Spaghetti Arrabiata. Both Pastas were cooked Al Dante and had right flavors, Alfredo had rich béchamel sauce with right amount of veggies and chicken. Arrabiata was also at par with Alfredo. Nice tomato based sauce draping around spaghetti as well.

Pastas - TOSS Lounge

Pizzas also had a Veg and Non Veg option – Margarita and Chicken Pesto. Thin and crisp crust with nice crunch without any charring and nicely baked. Chicken Pesto had a mild pesto flavor and it didn’t overpower the cheese, a little more pesto would have worked much better but it’s a matter of personal choice.

Pizzas - TOSS Lounge

The lone dessert served was Warm Chocolate Walnut Brownie with Ice-cream which delighted our taste buds.

Brownie - TOSS Lounge

Thus our meal came culminated with a satisfying experience.

Our feedback session at the end of the tasting with the Chef, we suggested that preferably a main course addition would be a good idea, perhaps Grilled Chicken or Fish and Chips notwithstanding that the current spread is less compelling.


Also you can try a hand at Foosball or Beer Pong and do not miss out on the memorabilia.


Eat Good, Stay Healthy and Be Sporting!

FP Team

Reviewed By: Varun Khanna | Photos Credit: Varun Khanna & Ritesh Tiwari | Food Prowl

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