Dinner with Chef Suvendu Roy, Eighty Eight, Hyatt Pune


Restaurant Name: Eighty Eight Location: Hyatt Pune, Adjacent to Aga Khan Palace, Nagar Road, Kalyani Nagar, Pune Buzz: +91-20-4141-1234


Chef Suvendu Roy - Executive Chef of Hyatt Pune hosted the Food Prowl Team for dinner at Eighty Eight.


With Ganpati festival in full swing with all the glory and magnanimity, Chef Suvendu Roy and his team surprised us by serving a very humble yet very gratifying meal. They served us what is a norm in all our homes around festival time, piping hot Poori with Rasse Ke Aloo, followed by a table full of Mithai.



We were served a variety of Modaks – Fruit Modaks, Dry fruit Modaks, Spice Modaks and definitely Bappa's favorite Ukdiche Modak. We just ODed on these platters of Modaks, The Fruit Modaks were Apple Guava flavored and Dry Fruit Modaks were Badam and Kaju Modaks. The Spiced Modaks were highlight of the evening as this was something of a rarity. It had Red Chilli, Black Pepper and Aniseed.





The Mithai Train did not stop at Modaks though, it was followed by Rabri Ghevar, Myso re Pak and Boondi Ladoos. 20170824_203309 20170824_203357 20170824_203404

Special Thanks to Chef Suvendu Roy - Executive Chef, Ms. Shruti Sengupta - Asst. Manager - Sales & Marketing and Mr. Kamal Deep Sharma - Director - Sales & Marketing for hosting us. Karma PR for inviting us.

Dinner with Chef Suvendu Roy, Eighty Eight, Hyatt Pune  | Food Prowl - The Hunger Stories