Bubsterr’s, Baner Road, Pune

Food Prowl Team

Food Prowl Team

Restaurant Name:
House No 339, Near Laxman Mandir Baner Gaon, Baner, Pune
Contact Person(s):
Vidur Mehmi and Nitesh Jagwani

Food Prowl Team with Vidur Mehmi, Partner, Bubsterr's
Food Prowl Team with Vidur Mehmi, Partner, Bubsterr’s

Bubsterr’s was started by young entrepreneurs – Vidhur Mehmi, Ridhiema Shahani  and Nitesh Jagwani. They opened their first outlet at Kalyani Nagar in May 2015 and have been the mainstay for Pizzas in Kalyani Nagar, Pune Area.  Ridhiema Shahani apart from being the co-owner is also the Head Chef of Bubsterr’s. Their Pizza by Slice offerings have been very popular.

Recently they opened a bigger spacious outlet at Baner. The Food Prowl Team was invited for a food tasting.


We started with Nachos Overload both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian variants as munchies,  while waiting for the Pizzas, Hot Dogs and Burgers to be served. Both  Nachos had generous toppings of salsa and cheese sauce, the Vegetarian Nachos were served with baked beans on the side and Non Veg Nachos with a chicken relish.


Cheesy Bacon’d Fries were the regular french fries with lots of tidbits of bacon, would have preferred a tad more cheese but taste wise anything with bacon can hardly go wrong!

Hot Dogs served were The Chicken Relish Dog and The Overloaded Pork Dog that have been my all time favorite.  All Hot Dogs have option of chicken or pork sausage and come really loaded with the toppings.


The Chicken Relish Dog is served with Cheese, Mustard, lots of Caramelized Onions and Chicken Relish.


The Overloaded Pork Dog has all the 3 pork toppings and a meaty sausage. The best thing I have liked here about these Hot Dogs is the moistness of the sausage and the softness of the bun used. It is really fresh, haven’t seen this quality of bun available easily. All of it when put together becomes an unbeatable combination.


Time for Burgers – Bubsterr’s style. The hands down winner was the Mutt-Shroom Burger it had a sumptuous mutton patty with a nice layer of mushrooms in a BBQ sauce, the depth of flavor and originality makes it stand out.


Nawabi Mutton Burger is an Indian flavored burger with a kebab style patty with coriander chutney and onions, a little more spice to the patty would have taken it to the right level of Indianisation.


The more traditional Burger with chicken steak in BBQ sauce is called a Steak Q Burger, it has French fries as a layer within the burger, the BBQ sauce is very flavorful and makes it a good option.


Chicken Crunch Burger has a fried chicken with mayo, I thought this one felt a little dry, probably if the fried chicken had some cheese sauce on the inside it would make it much better.

Finally, it was time to taste the Pizzas which form the dominant part of the menu. The Pizza toppings they have are very intriguing and almost all options have uniqueness to them when compared to other Pizza joints in the city.


The Bubsterr’s Corn Tom that has sliced green chilies as a topping and it just open’s the flavor of corn, tomatoes and herbs and the chilly zing works amazingly well.


Bubsterr’s Tex-Mex Crunch that has Mexican spiced chicken (Veg version is also available), salsa and crunchy jalapeno flavored Nachos, yeah nachos on a pizza.


Bubsterr’s Chicken/Pork Chori-zza, it had 2 layers of toppings, the upper layer was spicy sausages (chicken or pork) and under them were the ‘never seen on a pizza’ cinnamon glazed apples, a spicy and sweet combination that just took over my taste buds.


The Indianized Bubsterr’s Nawabi Paneer Pizza that had crunchy capsicum and onion with Paneer topping.


Bubsterr’s Chicken Citron that has that has ginger basil flavored chicken and citrus flavors and orange as topping, very well thought and executed as it doesn’t has entire orange slices which might have been an overkill.


From carnivore clan pork lovers they have Bubsterr’s Pork Overload Pizza that has layers of smoked ham, bacon, pepperoni and sausages, no one should miss this porky affair.


In all they have 10 Vegeterian, 8 Chicken and 5 Pork Pizza options to choose from.


Apart from the yummy food, they have MilkshakesChocolate, Coffee and Oreo. Good thing about these shakes is that you can sip n drink them and don’t need a spoon to enjoy them, the milk consistency is right and not filled with heavy cream.

They have worked on their Pizzas considerably since they started and now have reached the sweet spot that was expected and envisioned. The cheese combination is perfect gooey flavorful melting and the base has been improved considerably, it is thinner, crispier and just perfect. They have also introduced the wheat base that is equally good.


Bubsterr’s has been constantly working on taking the taste of their offerings a notch higher. In a short span of time they have expanded to two outlets which itself relates the fact that they are here to stay for long and mean business that is also driven by their own passion for food.

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl Team

Food Prowl
also had the privilege of celebrating it’s 50th Food Tasting Event at Bubsterr’s. We thank the Bubsterr’s Team for their gracious hospitality.

Food Prowl Team
Food Prowl 50th Food Tasting Event Celebrations with Vidur Mehmi & Ridhiema Shahani, Partners, Bubsterr’s

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