In Conversation with Akzshat Pande, Owner, The Alter Figo Kresyndo

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The Alter Figo Kresyndo

An invite for the inaugural party of The Alter Figo Kresyndo (AFK), we reached Nyati Tree, the swanky new commercial complex at Yerwada. Located on the UG level and spread across almost 4000 sq. ft of leased space.  AFK has a cover of 120-130 people. They have also acquired a bar license for serving liquor.
We met the young owner of AFK, Akzshat Pande and got an insight to how he came up with the idea of AFK. Here is a brief Q&A that we had with him. Is this your first hospitality venture? Akzshat: Yes, it is. I was working with a corporate as a Business Analyst earlier and was also a part of a Live Band. I was always interested in food and being a foodie myself, I decided to start my own hospitality venture - AFK. Why did you choose Yerwada as the location for start your venture? Akzshat: I was working in Business Bay which is right behind to AFK. I thought it would be a convenient location for employees of nearby corporates to come over after shift hours and chill out. So are you intending to have Live Bands and a Dance Floor etc. ? Akzshat: No, Live Bands is not the only thing I have in mind and there is no dance floor. I am targeting more of corporate events - Conferences, Seminars, Company Parties, Fashion Shows, Stand Up Comedies, Private Functions etc. No standard dress codes as there are in some party circuits and no couple and stag entry issues. I want everyone to come in, have a good time over food, drinks and good music. There is a state of art sound system in place which normally is used for Outdoors but we have set it up Indoors and it spreads the sound evenly across the floor which will be especially useful in Corporate Events where there are announcements or speeches. So there is not a fixed kind of crowd or event I am targeting. What about food, how would it be priced? Akzshat: The food menu is still being worked out, we are mainly targeting the dishes to be in the range of Rs. 175 - Rs. 550.  We are planning on having customized platters where the guests can choose what they want in the platter more out of the options listed. The Chef we have has worked in US all his life and this will be his first restaurant working in India. We will have the final menu done by day we go live.
When are you planning to Go Live? Akzshat: We are targeting the date as 27th November 2015 and hopefully everything will be in place by then, if not , there might be a delay of 1-2 days. But ideally, 27th should do it. So we are waiting for the 27th November 2015 when we can see AFK Go Live and Pune will one more option for people to chill out at.

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