About Food Prowl:

Food Prowl is an Independent Food Platform established on 6th May 2015 when 15 like-minded FOOD INFLUENCERS recognized in the foodie community and restaurant industry alike got together sharing the same passion for food.

Website: www.foodprowl.com/

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/foodprowl/

Instagram: @FoodProwl (20.5k+ Followers)

Facebook Group: Pune Food Bloggers Guild (5000+ members and growing by the day, since it’s launch in April’16)

YouTube Channel: Food Prowl

To see the profiles of our Team Members please visit our website: www.foodprowl.com/team/

Mission Statement:

Food Prowl intends to help restaurant by giving constructive feedback during each Food Tasting Event they attend. We are not a promotional platform per se but believe in giving constructive feedback in lieu of our observations to the Restaurateurs/Chefs that can help them know exactly what is good and what can be improved upon. Our main focus is giving feedback rather than attending a food tasting event just for promotional purposes. Our goal is to bring focus on quality of food.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Food Prowl DOES NOT APPROACH any Restaurants for food tasting invites. This has STRICTLY been our policy since the day we started. All invites received for food tasting have been through our visibility on social media platforms. Only members listed on our website are contact points for any Food Prowl events. All Food Prowl Food Tasting Events require a sign off by any of the Partners- Ritesh Tiwari / Varun Khanna.


2. Food Prowl DOES NOT CHARGE any restaurants within the jurisdiction of Pune/PCMC for any food tasting event. All expenses for travel as well are borne by the Food Prowl Team. We do not charge any PR agencies as well. This is so that we are not influenced for good reviews and promotions by the restaurant.


3. Food Prowl DOES NOT ATTEND any Food Tasting events for PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES OR ANY BARTER DEALS FOR PROMOTIONS. Our core focus is in giving constructive feedback on the spot at the restaurant to the Owners/Chef’s. Promotions online are just an add-on which we understand that every restaurant especially recently launched requires. Any invitations only for the sole purpose of promotions are declined.


4. Food Prowl’s core focus is FOOD. We decline any launch party invites from lounges/pubs or otherwise where the core focus is alcohol. Alcohol served at a restaurant in restricted limits is okay, primarily our focus is food.


5. Food Prowl DOES NOT post any reviews on platforms other than its own. We will decline any request that requires us to post reviews on third party platforms. This is a strict policy adherence for the entire Food Prowl Team.


6. Food Prowl DOES NOT charge any Restaurants for any of our team members food photographs to be used. We though require Restaurants to take prior permission from the Food Prowl Team member to use the photos on social media or print media and also give credit to Food Prowl and its Team Member for the same. Food Prowl has always obliged restaurants who have sort our permission. Food Prowl logo is a registered trademark; prior approval needs to be taken to use our logo for any social media or print media posts. We will consider legal action if our logo is used without our approval for any promotions on social media or otherwise.


 7. Food Prowl Team Members will NEVER request for any discounts if they visit the restaurant on their personal account for dining at any time. If any member does solicit for discounts or any individual claiming they are representing Food Prowl and claiming discounts please contact us at info@foodprowl.com or get in touch with Ritesh Tiwari – Founder, Food Prowl.


8. Food Prowl DOES NOT attend any food tasting events which restrict only certain members of our team to be present. Our entire team will be a part of the food tasting event depending on their availability. FOOD PROWL ONLY DOES EXCLUSIVE FOOD INVITES.


Promotions: Most of our team members have their individual Blogs Instagram and Twitter accounts. Blog posts may take upto 1-3 weeks to be posted. We will not entertain any requests to expedite the same.  We will share the consolidated links of all the blog posts and promotions once done through email.



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