94 House, Viman Nagar, Pune, India

Restaurant Name: 94 House
Location: Shop 1 & 2, Lunkad Towers, Ganpati Chowk, Viman Nagar, Pune.
Buzz: +91-020-30189696
Contact Person(s): Ayush Khandelwal / Asheen Pandita (Owners)


94 House may look like yet another run of the mill Café from the outside but once you step in and take a look at their menu all apprehensions about this place will be shed.


Started by 2 young fully trained Chef’s – Ayush Khandelwal and Asheen Pandita both Alumni’s of IHM Mumbai and have worked previously for Hyatt and Massive Restaurants. The menu clearly gives you a peak into their prowess over the culinary art. 94 House has mezzanine seating section that carries a young vibe with a 90’s based them. Cartoons and Superheroes adorning the wall and there are famous Hindi movie dialogues splashed on the walls.


Food Prowl Team was invited by the owners for a food tasting.

Our overall experience was fantastic with all the innovative flavor combinations and gourmet style done café food options. Top of the list amongst all that we tried and tasted would be – BBQ Chicken Wings, Double Melt Chicken Burger, Shino Yaki Burger and Barf Golas. All dishes have reasonable pricing.

02 Salad

Chicken Caeser Salad had nice crunchy iceberg lettuce a good dressing that was kept under control and didn’t make the salad very greasy and heavy, generously drizzled with Parmesan cheese and served with 2 garlic bread sticks on the side (these sticks were good on their own).

03 sticks

Mozzarella Sticks were served as appetizers, nice crunchy crumb coating, perfectly soft and stringy cheese center, and the dip served on the side completed the whole dish. The dip is a must or else the sticks will taste a little bland as they have only Mozzarella Cheese and no adulteration from processed or any other cheese.

04 wings

The Chef’s Special which was highly recommended and liked was the Barbeque Chicken Wings. They had perfect sticky sauce with a nice bite to the coating on the wings with a slight crisp texture and completely tender meat on the inside.

04 wings_2

The sesame seeds added on top provided a complexity to the flavor and texture, which really gave a very different feel to the taste and undoubtedly would be one of the best Chicken Wings in Pune as we have already tasted Chicken Wings in most all popular restaurants in Pune for it.

05 Burgers_1

While we were drooling over the wings and polished away 3-4 plates, it was Burger time. First look at the Burgers and we were sure of having repeated Foodgasms.

05 Burgers_2

I would term these as No Compromise Burgers, as they have nice big patties layered with different dressing and cheese oozing from every angle, definitely a few notches higher than most other Burger serving places.

05 Burgers

Shino Yaki Burger is a Lamb Burger that has a juicy meaty patty with teriyaki sauce flavors and a blanket of cheese slice with a nice creamy dressing.

06 double melt chicken

The Double Melt Burger, a chicken option with cheese both outside and inside the patty makes it very cheesy and very summer like flavors.

06 double melt chicken inside

It was little messy but who cares when the taste buds are dancing with joy.

07 MC Burger

The Vegetarian Burger we tried was the Mac & Cheese Burger. It had a cheese crumb coating and deep fried with pickled gherkins tomato and onions slices. It tasted great and we could feel the cheesiness of double melt. All the burgers were served with fries and a different sauce that was also used inside the burger, the mustard sauce was the best.

09 Pesto Pollo_1

We were served two type of pizzas – Pesto Pollo and Veg Delight. Both had nice thin and medium crunchy base.

09 Pesto Pollo

The Pesto Pollo had shredded chicken tossed in pesto sauce, olives and the mandatory thing that many places miss – the basil leaves. It’s a nice aromatic pizza with pesto that just fills up the space around without over powering the flavors.

10 Veg Delight

Veg delight had all the right veggie toppings – Corn, Jalapenos, Olives, Onions, Bell peppers and Mushrooms, it was very cheesy and perfect for vegetarians.

To sip along all the food, we had Avocado & Rose Milkshake and Saffron & Dry Fruits Milkshake.

09 Shake

The Saffron Dry Fruit Milkshake is highly recommended. It is mildly sweet and the saffron and dry fruits lending all the main flavoring – a very refined version of the Thandai.

12 Avacado Rose

Avocado Rose was also good and thick topped with whipped cream.



Kashmiri Kahwa is not easily found in Pune but 94 House makes it in-house and the brew is brilliantly done. Mixed with almonds and a touch of saffron and for sweetening honey is served instead of sugar.

15 waffle

Apple Cinnamon Waffle had soft texture from the apple that was mixed in the batter, went very well with Vanilla Ice cream.

14 Golas_2

Done with all the wonderful food the Barf Golas took the food tasting to a completely new high. We ordered a different flavor for everyone. They have 10 flavors available.

13 Royal Gola

The Golas are not served on a stick but in Margarita glasses. Some of the Golas recommended are Kachchi Kairi, Gola e Royal, Kala Khatta and Mango. Gola E Royal had Mango and Rose flavors with Mawa, Dry Fruits and Saffron.

14 Golas_1

With the current heat wave these Golas were simply divine and priced mostly at Rs.40. Beating the Heat is just got economical.

14 Golas

94 House is certainly is worth visiting over and over again.

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