Food Tasting: 121 Kitchen : BarBQ, Wakad, Pune

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(Invitational Event)

An invite from ReachOutPr had me thinking if I wanted to really travel to the other side of town for this food tasting event. After much convincing from my foodie friend Priyanka Anand I finally gave my nod. Our other foodie pals – Varun Khanna and Abhishek Ramgadia also joined in.

The event was originally scheduled for 3rd of September, 2015 but as most of us were unavailable it was pushed to 6th of September, 2015.

As soon as we reached 121 Kitchen we were greeted by Ruchita Puranik from the ReachOutPr Team followed by the Owner of the restaurant – Anish Bhanwadia.

Anish suggested that we sit in the inner section of the restaurant as they have live music at the outdoor section which is pretty loud. He is a passionate foodie himself and also is the Chef of the Restaurant. Not afraid to take any criticism or suggestion, he came across as a very open minded person who is willing to an extra mile to improve the service and quality of the food at 121. He also co-owns the Cream Centre franchisee at Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar, Pune.

He let us choose our own starters directly from the restaurant menu which was completely opposite of all the food tasting sessions I have been through at other places where there is a set menu and the Chef cooks the best dishes. Picking and choosing a dish directly from a menu was a fabulous idea as the dish ordered has to be an impromptu preparation. Of course, Anish did finally end up treating us to some of his own recommended specialties.

Bar Appetizers:

Flaming Chikpea Pellets
Tangy Onion Rings

Indian Starters:

Green Mango Paneer Tikka
Murg Chilli Mili Tikka
Banana wrap steamed Pomfret
Murg Sharabi Kebab
Gosht Kakori Kebab
Zaitooni Murg Seena
Seafood Bombil Roll
Murg Bambaiya Tikka
Chicken Dumpling

Main Course:

Paneer Balucchi
Murg Mussallam
Murg Adraki
Butter Garlic Naan
Pudina Parantha
Murg Dum Biryani


Nuts over Chocolate
Gajar Halwa Twist
Paan Shots

Overall the food was good but a few dishes stood out especially the Murg Sharabi Kebab with a dash of Old Monk Rum, Murg Adraki and Paneer Balucchi.

We had a long conversation with Anish which went way past midnight until 12:30 AM.  which included our feedback about the dishes and some tips from Varun on tweaking the names of certain dishes.

Finally, it was worth the trip and we came back with the satisfaction of having a great time with good food!

Special Thanks to Aatif Algoria and Ruchita Puranik from the ReachoutPr Team for the invite and always ensuring that I have all the information required.



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